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Danai Gurira
1 month avengersendgame
Buffalo Bills
coach mcdermott football is important to buffalo and you can feel it people that are quick to make negative co
Coach McDermott: “Football is important to Buffalo and you can feel it. People that are quick to make negative comments about our city haven’t spent time here and don’t realize that perception is not reality.”
SportsNet New York
adam gase on tom brady playing into his forties i wake up and i feel like s tand he s older than me
Adam Gase on Tom Brady playing into his forties: "I wake up and I feel like s--t...and he's older than me"
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Jay Bilas
40 years ago today magic and bird squared off there was no one shining moment rather it was kenny loggins this
40 years ago today, Magic and Bird squared off. There was no “One Shining Moment,” rather, it was Kenny Loggins’ “This Is It.” Amazing.
New England Patriots
the final catch of robgronkowski s career was pretty super
The final catch of @RobGronkowski's career was pretty super.
Bleacher Report
miami legend tonight the heat will retire chrisbosh s jersey
Miami legend 👊

Tonight, the Heat will retire @chrisbosh's jersey
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John Cena
never fear losing something you dont possess
Never fear losing something you don’t possess
Chicago Cubs
@Cubs 20 minutes
the and rhp kyle hendricks have agreed to terms on a four year contract extension covering the 2020 2023 seaso
The #Cubs and RHP Kyle Hendricks have agreed to terms on a four-year contract extension covering the 2020-2023 seasons.

The deal includes a club/vesting option for 2024.
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ahead of his jersey being retired by the heat tuesday night chris bosh reflects on his career mystraighttalk
Ahead of his jersey being retired by the Heat Tuesday night, Chris Bosh reflects on his career.

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FC Barcelona
rate this nutmeg 3gerardpique
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