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Good morning! It's a beautiful start to the day in Las Vegas! Want to share your view? Post your photos & video to forhttps://t.co/8AVjnJ2t6F a chance to be featured! https://t.co/iMekXRyHqJ
This firefighter rescued an animal from a heating and cooling vent. In order to retrieve the animal, the firefighter cut a hole in the ceiling: https://t.co/qYsZH1GSMO
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Two rarely seen Ernest Hemingway stories coming out https://t.co/BAtV6Dhijr
Make-A-Wish Monday: Meet Jesse'Daniel https://t.co/XfIznTZ3oA
Flooding prompts boil-water notice for Austin, Texas https://t.co/gIMCIxUjql
New @lvlightsfc coach Eric Wynalda talks living in Las Vegas, excitement for future https://t.co/FLJzhNnNKB
Early voting got underway in Nevada this past weekend. @KimNews3LV and @DanaNews3LV want to know, are you voting early or waiting for #ElectionDay on Nov. 6? #Decision2018
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Hoping for a jackpot? Winning Mega Millions $1.6 billion lottery has worse odds than these 25 scenarios https://t.co/H3SC8AsfIw
CNN shows 'body double' of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul https://t.co/9dSGwICGDl
Busch Brothers Advance to NASCARS Round of Eight https://t.co/Mmh3WErwOq
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