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The latest meaningless, dangerous Brexit slogan, beloved of Boris Johnson, is the most insidious tagline yet, says James O'Brien. @mrjamesob  | #Brexit 

What is going to happen with Boris Johnson's Brexit deal? James O'Brien and Theo Usherwood explain how the week will pan out. @mrjamesob  | @theousherwood 

This week's guest on the Full Disclosure With James O'Brien podcast is comedy legend Sir Lenny Henry, who discussed growing up surrounded by "unabashed racism". @mrjamesob 

Lib Dem MP Sam Gyimah, who lost the Tory whip last month, told James O'Brien that a Government whip called him last night to get him to back the Brexit deal, thinking he was still in the Conservative Party. @mrjamesob  | #BorisDeal 

This caller gave James O'Brien two reasons that he voted Brexit. By the end of the call, he was forced to admit one was nothing to do with the EU and the other ceased to be true four years ago. @mrjamesob  | #Brexit 

Airhead: The Imperfect Art of Making News, the debut book from award-winning broadcaster Emily Maitlis. ‘Revelatory, riveting and frequently hilarious’ James O'Brien

James O'Brien outlined a potentially fatal flaw in Boris Johnson's Brexit plan... and he seems to have predicted exactly what is happening now. @mrjamesob  | #BrexitDealDone 

This caller told James O'Brien that we should leave the EU and concentrate on trading with the Commonwealth - and then complained that James was being too smart.

This Leave voter complained that James O'Brien was being too smart when he explained why a plan to concentrate on Commonwealth trading wouldn't work. @mrjamesob  | #BorisDeal 

Boris Johnson has agreed a new Brexit deal, but the DUP insist they will not back it. James O'Brien and Theo Usherwood explain what the Prime Minister's options are now. @mrjamesob  | @theousherwood  | #BrexitDeal 


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James O'Brien takes a look at Tory leadership hopeful Dominic Raab's interviews and pulls them apart one-by-one.

James O'Brien's attack on the way the right-wing press reported last night's defeat for Boris Johnson is devastating. 🔥🔥🔥 @mrjamesob  | #Brexit 

This is James O'Brien's epic monologue on the state of Brexit following the disappointing local election results for the Tories and Labour. | #LocalElections2019 

James Dyson was a leading voice for Brexit. So James O'Brien wonders why he's building his company's new car in Singapore, who just signed a trade deal with... the EU. | #Dyson 

Why do so many people hate the European Union so much? James O'Brien has the unbelievable reason why... | #Brexit 

On Friday, Vote Leave withdrew their appeal against breaking electoral laws - and it barely got a mention in the papers. James O'Brien wants to make sure everyone knows about it. | #Brexit 

As Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson hint they will vote for Theresa May's Brexit deal, James O'Brien looks back over what they've previously said about it. | #Brexit 

James O'Brien listed off all the issues which he considers to be more important than Corbyn's "stupid woman" comment, and it's powerful.

Brexiteer: "I'm so sorry. What have I done to my country?" James O’Brien: “Do not blame yourself. Blame the people who told you we’d be better off." | #BrexitAgreement 

The Sun said "We need less Islam if we want peace". The Spectator said "There's not enough Islamophobia in Conservative Party". The media hold some responsibility for the New Zealand mosque shootings, says James O'Brien. | #NewZealandShooting