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If he had caught COVID-19 in Korea, would he have closed his eyes so unjustly like that? #OhmyNews  analyzed their messages. #오마이뉴스 가 한국의 #코로나19 경험을 세계와 공유합니다.

ALL MINE OUT NOW! Had a lot of fun filming and editing the vid! Hope you guys enjoy! 뮤비 재미 있게 만들었어요 많이 즐겨봐주세요! #fx 

We had good workout today??‍♀️? 오늘 웨이트 훈련 했어요. 어깨 많이 걱정하시는데.. 저 많이 아파요..? . #shanghailife  #wewanthavebrazilianhips  #브라질엉덩이를꿈꾸며

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[Behind the Scenes] 형들과의 야외 나들이가 처음인 곽보성, 재미있어요! Bdd's the 1st picnic with other players, had fun! #SSL 

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[Behind the Scenes] 앞 경기를 보기도 하고 서로 재미있는 이야기도 많이 합니다. Our boys had fun at waiting room, it helped them to relax. #SPL