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Matt Stoller

Hi. I work at the American Economic Liberties Project. Also, I wrote the book Goliath, and I write a monopoly-focused newsletter BIG:

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The problem with writing about Elon Musk is that he's effectively above the law, and it's hard to convey that in a way that people will accept.

"The profit surge in the first phase of the COVID recovery only confirms the stark imbalance of our social conditions." - @adam_tooze  So apparently profits and inflation are related!

It's not just formula, it's every single market with a power buyer who consolidates the market with rebate schemes, and a slow regulator with a bias towards incumbents. The FDA has a handy list of drugs that are in shortage because of this *exact* dynamic.

It would probably also help if we broke apart conglomerates like Abbott Labs, which seems to be more of a mergers and acquisitions shop than anything else. If you making a critical good you don't get to be a Wall Street holding company.

Not to get all rant-y, but doctors are screaming about the medical dye shortage preventing hospital imaging. And drugs are in perpetual shortage. And baby formula is in shortage. Maybe these are all connected?

The entire WIC buying scheme needs to be redone so it doesn't consolidate supply. The USDA can issue waivers to states who can then implement, but that all takes time. How about not screwing it all up in the first place?

Nurses wore garbage bags during the early part of the pandemic, we faced saline solution shortages after hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. THIS CRISIS IS SYSTEMIC. IT'S A FUCKING MONOPOLY PROBLEM. THAT'S WHY IT KEEPS HAPPENING.

"US business groups have accused their government of undermining Taiwan’s defenses by only approving the sale of weapons it believes would be essential for the democratic country to resist a full Chinese invasion."

Here, I wrote the medical shortage monopoly problem up in September of 2021.

The Democratic plan is usually some variant of ‘fill out forms’


Democratic insiders know Biden has cognitive decline issues. They joke about it. They don’t care.

I’ll call for censorship of Joe Rogan when he lies us into a few wars and prints a few trillion dollars for his buddies under the guise of science. Until then fuck off.

Kamala Harris is making a special announcement tonight where she will randomly pick 10 families across America and incarcerate them.

In response to the scandal, Zuckerberg is going to hand over regulatory power on the use of data for academic research to, and I'm not making this up, the Charles Koch Foundation.

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1. Here's Apple CEO Tim Cook today arguing that antitrust laws against big tech are bad for privacy and bad for national security. In honor of his speech, I thought I'd do a little thread on just how bad these tech firms are for American security.

If you want to know Biden's problem, consider that Pete Buttigieg is an unmitigated catastrophe at the Department of Transportation. Yet there's no criticism at all of his tenure on the Hill or within partisan media. The Dem political machine has no feedback loop to reality.

Bernie Sanders: "How can anyone not conclude that the Democratic agenda and approach has been a failure?”

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I see a lot of criticism of Trump for calling #coronavirus  the Chinese virus. Please understand that the Chinese government is engaged in a global propaganda campaign to tell everyone that the virus was created and spread by the U.S. military. We have to do something.