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Back in March I published a piece on why the media imagery of black bodies is controlled by white corporate monopolists. It's about Comcast, the emergence of black media moguls, and a fight over civil rights and business law.

There's a lot of moral grandstanding going on around civil disorder but the claim of institutional racism is accurate. We have a bureaucratic and political problem based on who has the power to tax/spend and who doesn't. It's not about what's in our hearts.

In 2012 I published a piece called The Housing Crash and the End of American Citizenship outlining the collapse of our social contract and predicting the rise of authoritarian trends and social disorder. None of this is unexpected.

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Here's my piece in March on how Comcast uses monopoly power to stifle black voices, simply as a result of its business model and the legal framework the last few administrations have allowed.

The single most annoying moral grandstander in all of this mess is Donald Trump. That's what the MAGA right doesn't get. He's the President. The buck stops with him. Ranting about protesters and generally being a jerk isn't the job.

You have in backwards, we shape our financial incentives around our moral framework.

In 2014 when I was a House aide to Rep. Alan Grayson I worked on a bill to end the militarization of police. It went down badly, with a 355-62 vote. We were opposed by everyone.

Oh and no one ever lost a primary because of the vote. Democratic voters don't actually want what you might think they want.

The disagreement between @mattyglesias  and @ddayen  over whether the CARES Act 'worked' is ideological. The CARES Act replaced permanent jobs with temporary incomes. Use of terms like 'worked' obscures the disagreement.

What @ddayen  examines is the shift in power when everyone's dependent on the state for income. He's deeply uncomfortable with an architecture that strips productive power from small business and workers while giving them temporary incomes.


Congratulations to all those Joe Biden supporters!

This announcement of layoffs by United Airlines came literally a few hours after they got $25B in grants from the government so they wouldn't have to lay anyone off. Congress is full of a bunch of fucking morons.

Kamala Harris is making a special announcement tonight where she will randomly pick 10 families across America and incarcerate them.

If the Post Office had used 96% of its cash flow to buy back stock instead of deliver mail to rural areas it would have been bailed out by the Fed in March.

Just spoke with ER doc who say he's seeing cases he's 99% sure are #coronavirus . Negative for flu, recent travel, work in airports. Not allowed to test. Patients return to work because they can't take time off w/out a firm diagnosis. Other ER docs seeing the same thing.

It's so much easier for an airline exec to apply for $32 billion in bailout money than for a random poor person to apply for food stamps. (ht @amandalfischer )

I've never seen a more blatant example of concentrated money rigging an election than Iowa Dems releasing a random percentage of the vote after self-dealing grifters tied to Buttigieg fucked up an election, followed by the NYT, WaPost, CNN, and MSNBC announcing 'partial results.'