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This is Hummus and Tahini the baby leopards they want to play

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Why do you hate someone because they view the world different from you? That is the ultimate prejudice.

Homeless problem on West Coast is not a housing problem it’s a mental health and addiction problem

Any family income over $150k per year should pay 5% more tax and this money should go to mental health, addiction, and universal basic healthcare and education

Manufacturing should be increased 30% a year for 10 years and should give the 20% unemployed $20/hr jobs weaning is off Chinese dependence - there will be an increase in cost of living - paradox hard to fathom

Liberal Arts education should be cancelled - it results in young unemployable adults in debt - stop it asap


New album is best of the year - phenomenal singing, rapping and songwriting, and the production is on point - on rotation all day on the boat.

Gonna drop this Nicki remix any second on yall - she is my fave and the best in the game - is second best album 2018, gets best single and gets a shoutout, but is with this album - t #Queenmeless .

Elon - question - why in the world would cities not replace damaged electrical poles and lines from hurricanes with underground cabling and infrastructure so it never blows down or gets damaged by trees again?

Im currently not in line to get an iphone 6

To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing - aristotle

Monkey problems - new conduit in Israel has sensors to detect leaks holds gigawat cables has robots that dig tunnel not effecting surface - the tech is all there - its just bureaucracy.

I been cutting Rihanna vocals since 2005 - great voice - great lyrics - but without engineers and producers she be TSA

It is about knowing and loving the journey - opening each others minds and exploring the creative process - dont get hung up on the past