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Once music files are coded and rendered into a runnable file (wav, mp3) you can line them up and mix the output into a performance. Imagine you could mix the output of 2 apps? literally does not make sense - thoughts? how could one consider functional mixing of executables?

Like imagine you could blend and mix the HTML from 2 browser tabs to get a "mix" of and ?

Imagine real time browser tab mixing of rendered output and audio using coded mix transitions that analyze HTML and merge it in obscure and creative ways - even meaning of words and sentences - the future.

Imagine I could "mix" my coinbase account and my chase account using the browser and it would automatically exchange the currencies - and then I can drag that "merge" onto and purchase stuff 50%/50% - just a drag and drop. Future shit.

Cozy - out now on the Spectacle Drip 💧Lighthearted, fun, and feel good song featuring synthesized guitar and experimental drum beats. Written in on romantic trip in an airbnb in Bruges.

Instead of burning man and its cost I drive around America in a van for 3 months of endless summer with the woman of my dreams - choices


New album is best of the year - phenomenal singing, rapping and songwriting, and the production is on point - on rotation all day on the boat.

Gonna drop this Nicki remix any second on yall - she is my fave and the best in the game - is second best album 2018, gets best single and gets a shoutout, but is with this album - t #Queenmeless .

Elon - question - why in the world would cities not replace damaged electrical poles and lines from hurricanes with underground cabling and infrastructure so it never blows down or gets damaged by trees again?

Im currently not in line to get an iphone 6

To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing - aristotle

Monkey problems - new conduit in Israel has sensors to detect leaks holds gigawat cables has robots that dig tunnel not effecting surface - the tech is all there - its just bureaucracy.

I been cutting Rihanna vocals since 2005 - great voice - great lyrics - but without engineers and producers she be TSA

Peeps in relationships - give your partner their alone time - its important for adults to process life alone - I know its hard to not feel "why? you dont want to be with me?" but give it a chance - your partner needs alone time - we all do. #lifetips