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Fauci: COVID-19 is a 'double whammy' on nonwhite Americans. Vaccine trials should represent that

Earth Matters: Four former EPA heads endorse Biden; no new gas-powered cars in Calif. after 2035

Driver yelled ‘I don't like y'all black lives matter' as she drove into protesters, witness says

Judge tosses defamation suit against Tucker Carlson: 'any reasonable viewer' shouldn't believe him

Trump didn't just refuse to commit to peaceful transition of power. He actively threatened it

This Week in Statehouse Action: All Falls Down edition

CIA mission shifts from protecting America to protecting Trump's fragile ego

Joe Arpaio's ex-deputy, now running for sheriff, really wants you to quit bringing up his old boss

Thursday Night Owls: FinCEN files show how ineffective our supposed financial watchdogs are


Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump give lenders the go-ahead to soak students for thousands in late fees

Mitch McConnell calls on Franken to resign while his party spends cash to elect a child molester

GOP panics after Graham challenger breaks fundraising record, and new poll shows 7-point gap

McCain, undergoing cancer treatment, will vote to end cancer treatment for Medicare patients

Rep. Gaetz tests negative for coronavirus, takes paid sick leave that he's voted against for others

University of Virginia honors student, Martese Johnson, brutally and unjustly beaten by police

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