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Donald Trump gives giant middle finger to justice, pardons biggest names in corruption and fraud

Trump shreds norms for his border wall, yet it is felled by saws, ladders, fit humans, air, etc...

Elizabeth Warren launches effort reaching out to Latina voters: 'When Latinas fight, Latinas win'

Trump's attacks on judges and prosecutors aren't the worst part of his threat to the judicial system

Trump-inspired bullying of students is surging in American schools

The Boy Scouts of America declare bankruptcy following thousands of alleged sexual abuse lawsuits

Trump's pardons again make a mockery of Republican claims that he ever cared about corruption

Warren says Bloomberg at debate will show ‘how we each take on a egomaniac billionaire’


Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump give lenders the go-ahead to soak students for thousands in late fees

Mitch McConnell calls on Franken to resign while his party spends cash to elect a child molester

GOP panics after Graham challenger breaks fundraising record, and new poll shows 7-point gap

McCain, undergoing cancer treatment, will vote to end cancer treatment for Medicare patients

Daily Kos proudly endorses for House Speaker. Pelosi has proven herself time and time again to be a skilled and effective leader of both the Democratic Party and of the House itself.

University of Virginia honors student, Martese Johnson, brutally and unjustly beaten by police

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Trump used money raised for vets as campaign slush fund. That alone should end his political career