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Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, Versace is one of the world's leading international fashion brands and is a symbol of Italian style worldwide.

Latest Scoops

The wildest must-haves of the season. 
Find the new #VersacePreFall18 collection for him now: https://t.co/NoSI7cjSmf
The Animalier flair - accessories with brogued leather detailing are a season must-have. 
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Wild 'n out.
Discover the #VersacePreFall18 animalier prints for him now: https://t.co/NoSI7cjSmf
Leather, studs, Medusas - the style cap off. 
Discover the #VersaceFW18 men's collection now: https://t.co/NoSI7cBtKP
Classic goes wild - the Signature Dea print is characterized by mythical ancient Greek statues framed in Barocco and feline motifs. 
Find the print now: https://t.co/NoSI7cBtKP
Roaring in maximalism, always.
Find the new #VersacePreFall18 prints for him now: https://t.co/NoSI7cBtKP
Always upping the chain game.
Discover the #VersacePreFall18 selection of men’s golden accessories now: https://t.co/NoSI7cBtKP
Loco for Barocco - the Signature Dea print features the most iconic Versace motifs.
Find the #VersacePreFall18 men’s collection now: https://t.co/NoSI7cBtKP
#OdellBeckhamJr wearing a black and white printed silk shirt with matching shorts from the #VersaceSS19 collection at the 2018 #ESPYS.

Ready, Set, Chain Reaction!
Find your #VersaceChainReaction sneakers now: https://t.co/8uzSM0Cul6
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