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Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, Versace is one of the world's leading international fashion brands and is a symbol of Italian style worldwide.

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It's time for the Clans of Versace - the V-Circle Tartan is characterized by the pattern from the #VersaceW18 runway show. #VersaceWatches

For Him: https://t.co/VOI8WxMSU1

For Her: https://t.co/26A63L7wHy
On Versace time - the V-Motif watch comes with a metal bracelet or with a leather strap boasting the Vintage logo.

#VersaceWatches are available now: https://t.co/26A63L7wHy
Glaze watch - a staple timepiece for the modern man.

Discover all #VersaceWatches: https://t.co/VOI8WxMSU1
The Tartan from the #VersaceFW18 collection represents women who stand together, rooting for their cause in unity.

Available now: https://t.co/KyWfGY3SYW
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The statement piece: fringed denim shirt with wool Tartan inserts from the #VersaceFW18 collection.

Shop now: https://t.co/KyWfGY3SYW
Spread the word: It’s Versace, not Versachee! Shop the #VersaceFW18 collection now: https://t.co/KyWfGY3SYW
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This is team Versace - always printed, always sharp. #VersaceFW18

Featured on #GQChina
Photographer: @MarianoVivanco

Are you on team Versace?
Join in with mixed tartan formalwear paired with Versace logo knitwear scarves.

Find the #VersaceFW18 collection: https://t.co/A2lieoIwTt
Grasp onto the season’s tartan accessories.

Find the #VersaceFW18 men’s collection: https://t.co/NoSI7cBtKP
Quilted tartan printed shirt with Medusa button details.

Discover the #VersaceFW18 men’s collection: https://t.co/NoSI7cBtKP
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