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"About 1 million children in Texas were uninsured in 2019. Florida has the second biggest increase at 55,000, which brought its total number of uninsured children to 343,000 in 2019...More than half of kids lacking coverage live in the South."

What will @YouTube  do on election day? CEO @SusanWojcicki  talks to us about their fight against #COVID  and political misinformation. "We have virtual war rooms to make sure that we have all the right people, we can make those decisions very quickly." Produced by @noraneus 

“We hold all politicians...to the same standards that we hold everyone else to” @YouTube  CEO @SusanWojcicki  tells me about the plan for election night. “We have virtual war rooms,” she says. Plus, will they ban #QAnon ? I ask. Full #BossFiles  podcast:

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“Overall deaths in the United States this year are more than 85% higher than in places such as Germany, Israel and Denmark after adjusting for population size.”

"Poverty has grown by six million people in the past three months." Washington -- are you listening?

Now **that** is how you do an interview. Bravo @SavannahGuthrie  — asking the critical questions for every American.

“We also demonstrate that upon the expiration of the $600 benefit supplement in August, families receiving unemployment benefits sharply cut spending and dipped into savings.” That’s a problem when 70% of your economy relies on consumer spending.

To understand the dangers of #QAnon  you have to watch this reporting by @donie  @richanaik  & @sofia_barrett 

“In the current recession, the top 25 percent, after a slight initial decline, has bounced back completely. The bottom 25 percent, on the other hand, has cratered, with job losses of more than 20 percent.” Amen@FareedZakaria  for focusing on this.


I asked White House Deputy Press Secretary@BMorgenstern45  for some clarity this morning. “What is true? How much did the President pay in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017?” And then I asked again. And Again.

This matters. Chair of WH Council of Economic Advisors just told me if lasts until #shutdownnd  of Q1 — “Yes” the U.S. economy could see zero growth. Zero. WATCH:

Fed Chair Jerome Powell just said: Almost 40% of households earning less than $40,000 a year as of February lost their jobs in March. Just let that number sit with you for a moment.

Interviewed #RGB  days after having our son. I almost didn’t. My husband said: “Do this interview. You will tell our kids about it one day.” I asked her: “There will be enough female justices on the Supreme Court when?” RBG: “When there are 9, of course.”

Here are the **FACTS** on Climate Change. And yes — science DOES know. Thank you for this @chadmeyerscnn 

We just evacuated CNN NY office in the middle of our show. We are with our CNN colleagues. Potential explosive device received here. @cnn 

The Minnesota State Patrol just arrested my colleague @CNN  correspondent @OmarJimenezWBAL  and his team for doing their job. Reporting the news. His camera is still rolling as it sits on the groun #Minneapolis  in — see i @NewDayCNN  on now.

No — my friend and colleague is simply doing his job and asking you important questions. Please answer him and don’t call the free press the “enemy of the people.”