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Philadelphia City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson failed to disclose rental income from last year on his financial disclosure form, and his wife operated three rental units without the required licenses until late May.

The Walnut Street prison, just a block south of Independence Hall, became the first state penitentiary in 1790. It set the tone for two centuries of American carceral expansion that evolved, explicitly or implicitly, to contain advances in Black freedom.

The World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship begins this week, and the U.S. team features two locals in Emily Parros (Strath Haven) and Marie McCool (Moorestown). Here’s what you need to know about each player ahead of Wednesday’s opener.

"Friday’s womb-wrenching opinion eviscerated the constitutional right to choose abortion, leaving many Americans shocked and saddened," writes Kathryn Kolbert, an attorney who argued Planned Parenthood v. Casey in the Supreme Court in 1992.

Here's how Pennsylvania companies Duolingo and Dick's Sporting Goods are supporting abortion rights for their employees.

The national shift in abortion access creates a multifaceted challenge for providers in Pennsylvania and other states where abortion remains legal.

Wells Fargo, which manages the largest branch-banking systems in the U.S. and in the Philadelphia area, said it would pay transportation and lodging costs for legal abortion-related services for female employees and their dependents.

As hand specialists reviewed X-rays of the most scrutinized thumb in baseball and team officials huddled Monday to brainstorm how to replace an irreplaceable player, one question hovered over the Phillies. How much time will Bryce Harper actually miss?


The new session of the Pennsylvania Senate got off to a chaotic start Tuesday, with Republicans taking the rare step of removing the Democratic lieutenant governor, John Fetterman, from running the session.

Philadelphia police are reporting that multiple people were shot on South Street. This is a developing story. For the latest updates:

A federal judge has ruled that key components of Gov. Tom Wolf’s coronavirus mitigation strategy are unconstitutional, including a statewide limit on how many Pennsylvanians can gather in one place.

John Chaney, the legendary @TempleUniv  basketball coach, has passed away at age 89.

The protest along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway briefly turned into a wedding party Saturday afternoon, as Kerry Anne and Michael Gordon joined the march on their wedding day. ? by Tyger Williams More:

A father took his son to a meet and greet event in November, where he claims Gritty punched his son in the back.

Milltown Mel, famed groundhog meteorologist Punxsutawney Phil’s New Jersey counterpart, has sadly seen the last shadow he’ll ever see.

Philadelphia has not stopped counting mail ballots and is not behind schedule, despite reports to the contrary. The livestream from the Convention Center shows workers making their way through yellow bins full of ballots. Follow our latest reporting here.

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