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Mike Elk

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Hoping @ESQPolitics  & g @Will_Buncht  a case to nap before the MLB locks out its players at 11:59 Fuck, I took a nap & now headed to the chiropractor to get my throwing shoulder pumped back in. Gonna be some fireworks on the labor baseball beat tonite!


The tide has turned at Amazon in Alabama completely in the union’s favor. Biden’s support was a game changer - I’ve never seen anything like it

Striking garbage workers in New Orleans, making $10.25 an hour, were fired en masse this week. Now, they are being replaced by prison labor.

Flight attendants unions wants pro-Trump rioters banned from flights home from DC over safety concerns

@AOC  working the bullhorn on the picket line for 1,400 striking Hunts grocery workers in the Bronx

A bunch of Nazis just tried to invade anti-war rally and got a classic yinzer anti-fa boot. Wild scene.

Watch: Bernie says a teacher shouldn't have to work 2 jobs then a teacher interrupts him & says she works 4 jobs. Bernie & the teacher than share a really beautiful moment!

-180 largely Latina workers, who make flan, went on strike in Chicago today. - Poultry workers at Pilgrim's Pride walked out in rural Virginia. - 1,000 Immigrant meatpackers, speaking 27 languages, walked out this week in CO. Food workers are striking!

Chipotle workers have gone on strike to protest the company making them work while sick as conoravirus spreads.

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