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Latest Scoops

.@FaZeClan and @eunitedgg have announced their new rosters heading into the @CallofDuty: #BlackOps4 @CODWorldLeague season!

More Episodes: https://t.co/slaAGcunsN
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Who's up playing #BlackOps4? Don't scroll past. 👀
What are these endings?! @Renegades go up 2-0 vs. @TOXGamingGG!

LIVE at https://t.co/6LgTTuRvP8
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.@TeamReciprocity edge out @Renegades 100-99 in an INSANE Strongholds finish!

Watch the @GameBattles NA 2K Finals LIVE at https://t.co/6LgTTuRvP8
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.@TOXGamingGG start off tonight's NA 2K Finals with the HOT 100-0 Strongholds victory over @eLevateGG!

Watch LIVE at https://t.co/6LgTTuRvP8
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Tickets for the first #CWLPS4 #BlackOps4 event of the season are selling at RECORD pace! You do NOT want to miss this one; get your passes while they're still available

🏟 - @HardRockHotelLV
📅 - December 7-9, 2018
💰 - $250,000
🎫 info→ https://t.co/nrkHG7IOmf
Want a chance to win brand new MLG merch? Complete the brief survey included here and tell us what you think!

Survey Link: https://t.co/1dIfcPwtB2
Official Rules: https://t.co/9R295bCePt
Rosters have gone international for the #BlackOps4 season! This is The Scope Powered by @GFuelEnergy.

Info: https://t.co/FTbPdlSBWE
Past Episodes: https://t.co/slaAGccM4d
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. @Tempo_Storm best @Methodgg Black once again and advance to Championship Sunday of the @Warcraft AWC Fall Cup!

Watch LIVE at https://t.co/VvFyminJvh
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Tickets for the first #CWLPS4 #BlackOps4 event of the season are now available!

🏟 @HardRockHotelLV
📅 - December 7-9, 2018
💰 - $250,000
🎫→ https://t.co/nrkHG7IOmf
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