Sanjay Jha

Sanjay Jha

National Spokesperson,@INCindia. President, @ProfCong Maharashtra. TEDx Speaker/ Ex-Banker, Founder, XLRI. @DaleCarnegie Dog Whisperer

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When your institutions are dead, Honourable fellow Indians, there is nothing left. Nothing.

Hoshiyari much! The Governor's decision will be challenged in the courts.

The #BJP  wants President’s rule in Maharashtra because it facilitates horse-trading. Bye bye constitutional democracy!

Elementary deconstruction of #MaharashtraCrisis  : The math is straightforward: a non-BJP government can only be formed if Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress come together. Alternative: President’s rule giving BJP time for its vulgar poaching or a fresh election.

India’s GDP might be soon touching 4.2% ( second quarter). We have hit a boundary. Not bad.

Retail inflation rising GDP falling Cities polluting People crying Someone flying

The only statesman political leader India has ever had. Imagine he wrote an anonymous letter challenging himself , offering cautionary discretion in an op- ed in a newspaper. A class apart. #RememberingNehru 

So I believe my sardonic, scalding, and sarcastic dig at Shri Ambani Ji on the #RafaleVerdict  is being deliberately misconstrued by some BJP cheerleaders masquerading as TV anchors as a real public apology. ROTFL! Guys, this clarification will hurt. Sorry to spoil your show!


RT if you think Narendra #Modi  is the worst Prime Minister in our parliamentary history?

I am willing to donate my annual salary to Arnab Goswami, Rahul Shiv Shankar and other such illustrious nationalists if they just go to LOC and stand there holding a gun for a mere 10 minutes. Our TV war-rooms are a disgrace. Shameless repugnant characters.

If Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur who called Nathuram Godse a patriot is winning then I want to congratulate PM Narendra Modi. Sir, you have truly changed my great country. Awesome!

I live in Mumbai. We saw 26/11 at close quarters. ATS Chief#HemantKarkare  stood up to save us from Pakistani terrorists. He was killed by them. #BJP  candidate from Bhopal#PragyaSinghThakur  mocks his death. If you agree that this insults one of our bravest martyrs, please do RT!

Dear Mr Modi, , I am putting up my BA, MA and MBA degrees here . Are you ready for the ? I await y #DegreeFitHaiChallengeur  response with high expectations.

Only 50% of #Bhakts  are idiots. The other 50% are bigger idiots.

#KanhaiyaKumar is an example of The Great Indian Dream. A simple boy from a modest home earning just Rs 3000 per month does his PhD from #JNU . And shakes up a fascist government. And scares the daylights out of the communal corrupt crooks. More power to him.

I know many are angry with #Modi  for humiliating a dead man who cannot answer his lies back. #RajivGandhi  But I am not angry with . He is not worthy of it. I pity him.