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Sanjay Jha

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We need to depoliticise #COVID2019 . It’s sad that it has been communalised. Problems remain: low testing, absence of #PPE ,humanitarian crisis of migrants ( a self-goal), lack of transparency, economic devastation, supplies. But being together, even if symbolic, doesn’t hurt.

There is a lot that PM Modi needs to explain to India which he did not; migrant crisis, economic collapse, supply chain breakdowns and the status on flattening the curve. That is understandable. But to criticise him for trying to cheer people up is being petty and puerile.

It doesn’t feel real. Everything appears batshit crazy.

This mother dog did not eat for 27 days after she was run over in an accident and had a broken back, but she survived on saline drips. She fought hard for her pups. She died today. All her pups saved and are fine. Stray animal lovers are an extraordinary lot, seriously.

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#NDTV having a fantastic panel of economists with @PrannoyRoyNDTV  . I wish TV had such cerebral chats. Excellent conversations. Common prescription:,Spend, dump fiscal deficit. Solution: Print money.

Saw #KaiPoChe  yesterday: what a fabulous film, a story of friendship against the backdrop of a cricket academy and the Gujarat riots. @chetan_bhagat  ( I often don’t agree with his political opinions) is a master storyteller. If you haven’t seen it already, don’t miss it.

In politics there are two kinds of yes-men: Those who will say Yes when told to say yes Those who will say Yes even when told to say No 😀

I think all this superstition is pure humbug. The poor cat crossing your road is only going home. Chill!

Dear @PrannoyRoyNDTV  : It was good seeing you yesterday. You must do a bit more especially in these dark times. That old classical restrained journalism is reassuring. India needs to pushback against toxicity. I hope you will bite the bullet.


I will not provide documents for #NRC . Who is Amit Shah and Narendra Modi to determine my Indianness ? #CAB  #CAA 

I am willing to donate my annual salary to Arnab Goswami, Rahul Shiv Shankar and other such illustrious nationalists if they just go to LOC and stand there holding a gun for a mere 10 minutes. Our TV war-rooms are a disgrace. Shameless repugnant characters.

RT if you think Narendra #Modi  is the worst Prime Minister in our parliamentary history?

I live in Mumbai. We saw 26/11 at close quarters. ATS Chief#HemantKarkare  stood up to save us from Pakistani terrorists. He was killed by them. #BJP  candidate from Bhopal#PragyaSinghThakur  mocks his death. If you agree that this insults one of our bravest martyrs, please do RT!

“ My name is not Rahul Savarkar. My name is #Rahul Gandhi . I don’t apologize when speaking the truth”. Now that’s the punch line of the year. Take a bow, Mr Gandhi!

Dear Mr Modi, , I am putting up my BA, MA and MBA degrees here . Are you ready for the ? I await y #DegreeFitHaiChallengeur  response with high expectations.

First Karnataka. Now Madhya Pradesh. Two large states have slipped right from under our nose just when the Indian map had registered big Congress colors. Yes, BJP is politically immoral and plays vulgar politics. But what does it say about us? Who is accountable? No one?

If Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur who called Nathuram Godse a patriot is winning then I want to congratulate PM Narendra Modi. Sir, you have truly changed my great country. Awesome!