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Sanjay Jha

Sanjay Jha

National Spokesperson,@INCindia. President, @ProfCong Maharashtra. TEDx Speaker/ Ex-Banker, Founder, https://t.co/zqINBqHIxw. XLRI. @DaleCarnegie Dog Whisperer

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#PriyankaGandhi has every right to walk to #Hathras . That’s what all politicians should do: stand with their people in their hour of grief. It will give them strength.

This guy in the #Cred  ad reminds me of my friend @milinddeora  . 😀

Dear Mr Ratan Tata Be a titan. Don’t let bigots frighten you. Thanks! #Tanishq 

The #Paris  beheadings are horrible, disgusting. Every Muslim must condemn the gory killings. And all non-Muslims must equally denounce the repugnant, crude cartoons of #CharlieHebdo . They are deliberately vulgar, and provocative.

“We are delighted to publish Sanjay Jha’s exuberant new book on the changing political realities of India. With the unique perspective of an insider/outsider, he tells it as he sees it, and that’s what makes the book such a riveting read.” Gautam Padmanabhan, CEO, @WestlandBooks 

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Democracy dies slowly. Only a few see it. Over a period of time it is over. It's death is normalized.

Wearing #rippedjeans ” destroys our culture, it seems. It leads to substance abuse. And a societal breakdown. Women should strictly avoid this sacrilege against our pristine customs, says Uttarakhand CM. Dear BJP, this is your CM Tirath Singh Rawat: Do you endorse this?

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The Government must immediately: 1) Approve EAU to Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson 2) Allow Corporates to purchase directly from SII etc 3) Make vaccines on demand for all ages by May 1 by ensuring supply arrangements 4) Make vaccination timings from 9 to 9

I had suggested ( it was rejected by communication head of Congress) to enhance #RafaleScam  into a “ national security risk” issue. How was a major offsets contract for fighter jets being given to a bankrupt industrialist? Wasn’t that serious? It would make our defense vulnerable

India was below 9000 cases in late January 2021. We have now crossed 200,000. And it’s rising. The simple question: Why didn’t we press the panic buttons when the cases doubled to 18000? Or trebled to 27000? Fact: 1) Arrogance 2) Incompetence We are paying a huge price.


RT if you think PM Narendra Modi is a bigger liar than US President Donald Trump after today’s bizarre bluffs.

I am willing to donate my annual salary to Arnab Goswami, Rahul Shiv Shankar and other such illustrious nationalists if they just go to LOC and stand there holding a gun for a mere 10 minutes. Our TV war-rooms are a disgrace. Shameless repugnant characters.

" Speaking good English, giving sound-bytes and looking handsome does not mean everything". I hope my eminent colleague @ShashiTharoor  slept well last night. :-))

RT if you think Narendra #Modi  is the worst Prime Minister in our parliamentary history?

I have tested positive for Covid_19 . As I am asymptomatic I am in home quarantine for the next 10-12 days. Please don’t underestimate transmission risks, we are all vulnerable. Do take care all.

Dear Mr Balasaheb Thorat@INCIndia  I saw your notice suspending my Congress membership on a TV channel for ' anti-party activities'. No show-cause notice and opportunity to reply was given. Internal democracy? Kindly list specific instances where I have indulged in sabotage.

I live in Mumbai. We saw 26/11 at close quarters. ATS Chief#HemantKarkare  stood up to save us from Pakistani terrorists. He was killed by them. #BJP  candidate from Bhopal#PragyaSinghThakur  mocks his death. If you agree that this insults one of our bravest martyrs, please do RT!