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Anthony Mullen, leader of Tories on Sunderland Council on #wato  now suggesting that PM may end up having to go, says Martin Reynolds must go

Stuck driving when WATO on and now I have the rage shakes

"It's a disaster...." Former Vaccine Taskforce dep chair Clive Dix on the Govt's decision not to go ahead with contracts with Valneva vaccine. V critical of No.10 on @BBCRadio4 's WATO.

On @BBCRadio4  ‘World at One’ #WATO  with @Sarah_Montague  shortly. Tune in if you can.

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Lovely to hear @johnmitchinson  telling this story on #WATO  just now @BBCRadio4 . Well done @unbounders !

Nice summary of the past 48 hours in British politics from @JonnyDymond  on #wato  - "A pointless exercise in foot shooting."

99% of people dying of #COVID19  now in U.K. are unvaccinated That’s the tweet (Source: #WATO  #radio4  )

I’ll be on The World at One #wato  shortly discussing our latest housing policy announcements (I was on @mrjamesob  on @LBC  earlier too)

Labour’s housing plans will deliver more truly affordable homes for local people and first timers buyers, priced out of the market. My interview on WATO today. 👇🏻 1/3


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WATO: Admiral Lord West says what plan to return boats to France "might achieve is someone being killed". It is hugely "problematic" he told the BBC programme

Heartbreaking story on @BBC  WATO of interpreter who was told he was eligible to relocate in the UK in December 2020. He got rejection letter today. Taliban came knocking on his door last night. He escaped over back wall. Says Taliban torture and kill anyone who worked for NATO.

A reminder that a former aide to Priti Patel received a £25,000 payout from the government after claiming she was bullied by the then employment minister. what is the Tory MP on wato talking about? S @BBCe 's had complaints at DWP and DfID.

Pret a Manger boss Julian Metcalfe withering re @BorisJohnson  on @BBCRadio4  Wato "This man sitting down with his Union Jack talking utter spout off some Churchillian nonsense that we'll make it through, it's terribly unhelpful.”

Michael Portillo tells BBC WATO that government response to Spain could be said to look like an attempt to wreck recovery in Europe. If I were Spain I'd consider it an act of aggression.

NEW: 6 charter flights from Romania to bring in 450 workers for British farms tomorrow - BBC WATO news reporting

The @Channel4News  coverage of crisis has been excellent. Important not to have your head in the news all day (bad for people involved in dealing with the crisis and bad for those who are not) I try to follow a bit of media in the morning, lunchtime WatO, govt briefing and C4