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Trump only became president to increase his Twitter followers. I am convinced that if 30 million people unfollowed him at the same time, that would be his Waterloo. Please spread the word to unfollow Trump #TheGREATUNFOLLOWING  Thursday, Nov 26th, 3:00 EST

The 30 millionth person to unfollow Trump on Twitter today at 3 EST wins a painting.

Two hours until 30,000,000 people unfollow Trump on Twitter in unison! I am so fucking excited!

15 minutes to the Great Unfollowing! Unfollow Trump on Twitter - make your voice heard! Better than marching in the cold!

The Great Unfollowing. It would be nice to send Donald Trump a message and 10 to 20 million people unfollow him on Twitter at the same time. I was thinking Thanksgiving at 3:00 EST but could move it back a few days if it doesn't start to gain momentum

#TheGreatUnfollowing Thurs, Nov 26th at 3:00 Twitter followers are going to unfollow Trump in unison. We are hoping for 30M. need your help spreading the word Thanks @chrislhayes  @MichaelRapaport  @StephenAtHome  @alfranken  @AliVelshi  @KingJames  @DocRivers  @iamjohnoliver 

ALERT! 10 minute warning! Fingers poised! Unfollow Trump on Twitter!

ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! FIVE MINUTES to the GREAT UNFOLLOWING!!!! Unfollow Trump on Twitter. Do it.


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This feels like a cleansing and happy thing to do: unfollow Trump on Twitter as part of #thegreatunfollow . The Trump Years are over. Click.

I wonder when people will start to unfollow Trump on twitter.

1. I don't want to ban Trump. 2. I believe in open systems, even silos like Twitter, as much as possible. 3. But we can create a Trumpless Twitter for ourselves. 4. Block him. 5. And unfollow people who RT him. 6. Voila! No more Trump. 7. You're welcome. ;-)

Nordstrom stock had a record day after getting rid of Trump merchandise, the government should follow suit. Also, unfollow trump on twitter.

EVERY SINGLE news media needs to come together and NOT give any airtime to Trump or ANY of his staff. Everyone should unfollow his twitter

Comedians try to convince comedy fans to unfollow Donald Trump on Twitter ?