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You're forced to flee from fighting. You're away for a year. You come back to this. This is what families faced when returning to their homes in southern Tripoli#Libya .

The piece also notes: "In Libya in 1918, in an attempt some have suggested was inspired by the Irish, peasants in Tripoli had tried to establish their own republic independent of Italy. It inspired copycat movements all over north Africa. " cc @firasheeya 

Destroyed homes. Scares resources. Lack of key services. This is what families came back to in southern Tripoli after over a yearlong displacement. New footage in our newsroom:

The completed works included the addition of one lane to Al Rebat and Tripoli Streets and the widening of the existing bridges. The improvements will enhance the link between Dubai and Sharjah emirates, ease the traffic flow, and improve the safety along the corridor.

Special Forces to Ensure #Erdogan 's Security During Tripoli Visit

From last year's push to seize the Libyan capital Tripoli by military strongman Khalifa Haftar to hopes of peace, we look at events that led to Friday's agreement to hold elections

Cairo frets over workers in Libya as Tripoli struggles to establish security

Hanan al-Barassi’s assassination comes 16 months after another Benghazi woman - MP Siham Sergewa - who openly criticised Haftar’s war on Tripoli was abducted from her home by armed men. She has not been seen since. The message many will draw from both cases is clear.

Libyan, American officials discuss return of the US embassy to Tripoli


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If I was to visit just one capital city it would be Seoul. If I decided on another one, that would be Dublin. And if I added a third it would be Tripoli.

Lebanon’s Tripoli is out of control tonight. Fires burning, shots fired, people injured. The economy is in total free fall, aggravated but not caused by the coronavirus lockdown. People are desperate.

Some 3,000 camels were evacuated from the port in Tripoli in Libya after artillery fire threatened the area, according to local reports.

President Trump abruptly reversed American policy toward Libya on Friday, issuing a statement that endorsed a militia leader who is battling to control Tripoli and depose the United Nations-backed government.

Libya conflict: Tripoli military school suffers deadly air strike

BREAKING: Airstrike by forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar hits military academy in Libya's capital Tripoli, killing at least 30 people - AJ

Harrowing images from Tripoli. 30+ reported dead, many others wounded, in airstrike on military college. Part of intensified air strikes by Haftar’s side in recent days. Yday Haftar declared ‘jihad & a call to arms’ for the war he started April 4, exactly 9 months ago today.

To The Shores of Tripoli Today, 214 years ago, 1st. Lt. Presley O’Bannon raised the American flag during the Battle of Derna.

Scoop: Trump indicated in phone call with Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar last wk that US supported an assault on Tripoli to depose its UN-backed govt. In a separate call, Bolton also left Haftar with impression of US green light, sources tell me, ,

Jefferson sent Marines to the shores of Tripoli to fight Barbary kidnappers.Obama sent his staff to giant ATM to pay off Iranian kidnappers