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Tik-tik-tok and now it's time to say goodbye to the #ChillingAdventuresOfSabrina  after one final season. 💔😩

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With respect to Tik Tok, I want to put it in a broader context. We have been engaged in a constant evaluation about ensuring that we protect the privacy of American citizens and their information: Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State

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Need a producer to shoot your next Tik Tok dance video? Give @HipHipJose5  a call. #TogetherWeDance 

It used to be just deranged 50 somethings. Now it’s tik tok. And when nothing pans out for them with me and john, it won’t simply go away. They can’t admit they’re wrong. They’ll say every vacay I take from here on out is my mandated jail time. Lol

Does anyone remember that video (tik tok?) of a funny black girl talking with a personified blunt set to Pop Smoke's "Dior" ??? My last two brain cells are melting and I can't find it anywhere

#Dogecoin: How Tik Tok, memes, and GenZ caused this crypto to pump 140%+

Here's a simple side hustle idea for young people: Offer to manage the social media accounts of a local business. Your ability to use Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook can be very helpful to a local business.

::tik tok of me delicately pouring balsamic dressing onto my handcrafted crafted artisanal sandwich and immediately cut to trying to pour the surplus balsamic dressing back into the bottle by wringing out the bread::

There is no job opening buy just appplied to Corp Dev at Twitter. I'll donate my salary via a Tik Tok announcement... $twtr

UBS 1/2: US-China tensions continue, with media reports that the US is considering undermining the Hong Kong dollar peg to the USD. Markets are not taking this threat seriously at the moment. US President Trump confirmed that a ban on the video app Tik Tok is being considered


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Government of India bans 59 mobile apps. Tik Tok, UC Browser and other Chinese apps included in the list.

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Vanessa Bryant shared this adorable video of Bianka hopping in Natalia’s Tik Tok 😭😍😍|| 📹instagram/vanessabryant

Shout out once again to all the Tik Tok teens and K-Pop stans who hit Trump where it hurts him the most tonight. Absolute legends, all of you.

Holy shit I just realized Keshas song tik tok came out 11 years ago. Fred goes swimming was 12 years ago. The iPhone came out 13 years ago. The Pacifier with Vin Diesel came out 15 years ago. TIME IS GOING TOO FAST IM FREAKING OUT 😰

tik tok makes me soooooo uncomfortable 90% of the time i feel like I’m watching middle schoolers dry hump

Looking forward to all the reactions and I got tik tok now :). #yummy  #5minutes 

Do you know how powerful you have to be to break TIK TOK??? @bts_bighit 

Homegirl got caught in the middle of doing a Tik Tok - and I am dead...?????