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🥇🥇 Congratulations Team Ukraine! Ukraine clinched 2 titles on 2nd day of LEN European Aquatics Championships in Budapest, Hungary: Marta Fiedina won solo technical artistic swimming; Kseniya Bailo & Oleksiy Sereda came 1st in mixed 10m synchronized diving #AthletesofUkraine 

?Ukrainian political prisoner Oleksiy Chyrniy is free! Falsely accused & sentenced to 7 yrs for allegedly preparing terrorist attacks in occupied Crimea. Detained in penal colonies-Magadan, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don. Today, released from colony No.5 in Bataysk, Rostov Obl, RF.

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Mavka hiding in a tree trunk Located in Chkalova Sq, #Kyiv  Sculptor: Oleksiy Shevchenko Vast Ukrainian forests harbor secrets & wondrous mythical creatures Mavka-Soul of the Forest. She protects forest - the source of life itself - against aggression or intrusion, incl humans

20y.o. Oleksiy Sayenko died in war zone on Mar 31, 2021(investigation underway-presumed cause of death: suicide or careless handling of weapons). Born in Spodakhy, Vinnytsia Obl on June 25, 2000. Served as grenade launcher in the 43rd Separate Artillery Brigade. #WarinUkraine 

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“Over the past few months, partly in an effort to hasten the presidential call, the Ukrainian president has taken more reform steps than at any time since he removed his reformist prime minister, Oleksiy Honcharuk, and most of the cabinet.” @JohnEdHerbst 

Chairman of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov announced the nationalization of Motor Sich during a press conference today in Kyiv, per @ukrpravda_news  .

Oleksiy Lytovka died in war zone on Feb 28, 2021 (no other information available). From Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk Obl. Served as senior sergeant in Armed Forces of Ukraine. In 2014, served in 25th Separate Airborne Brigade; April 2015, awarded the Order “For Courage#WarinUkraine 

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Nazariy Polishchuk killed in landmine blast near Maryinka, Donetsk Obl Feb 6. His comrade in arms Oleksiy Podvezenny also killed; 3rd soldier seriously injured & fighting for his life. From Votylivka, Cherkasy Obl. Served as senior soldier in 28th Brigade. #WarinUkraine 

Ukrainian is state language and Kyiv doesn't need Kremlin advice on status of the language, says @NSDC_ua  secretary Oleksiy Danilov

Congratulations Oleksiy Novikov! 24y.o. Oleksiy Novikov of #Ukraine  earned Strongman title for first time in just his 2nd year of competition, breaking the world record in the partial deadlift en route to victory at the 2020 World's Strongest Man competition in Bradenton, Florida


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Interesting! Not the best photo but this is Ukrainian Prime Ministry Oleksiy Honcharuk and Zelesnky chief of staff Andriy Yermak dining at the Indian restaurant in Kyiv where I am right now. Honcharuk is expected to be ousted Wednesday.

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Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky has replaced the country's Prime Minister, saying he hoped the new PM would "do the impossible." The country's Parliament approved Denis Shmygal as the new PM after accepting the resignation of Oleksiy Honcharuk.

The Soviet town of Pripyat was founded 50 years ago to house the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear plant. Engineer Oleksiy Breus was one of them, but after the explosion in 1986, the town — and his life — changed forever.

Yet another apparent assassination of a pro-RussianUkrainian separatist. Oleksiy "Green" Krivulya, dep commander of "Donetsk People's Republic" special police force, was shot 3 times in the back as he entered elevator in his building on Jan. 20, acc to Russian and local reports.

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Never a dull day in Ukraine. The PM Oleksiy Honcharuk says he’s handed his resignation to President Zelensky. It comes after a scandal involving a secret audio recording in which he or someone sounding an awful lot like him bashed Zelensky’s “primitive” understanding of economics

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Ukraine's President has rejected Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk's offer to quit. Honcharuk had offered his resignation after an audio recording suggested he had criticized the president

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has rejected the resignation of his prime minister, who was caught on tape disparaging him. Zelenskiy said he decided to "give a chance" to Oleksiy Honcharuk and his Cabinet.

Oleksiy Honcharuk tendered his resignation as prime minister of Ukraine following the release of an audio recording in which he appeared to make disparaging comments about President Volodymyr Zelensky’s understanding of economics

2) here are the other pilots they say: Instructor pilot Oleksiy Naumkin, 12000 hours on Boeing 737 aircraft including 6600 hours as captain. First officer Serhii Khomenko, 7600 hours on Boeing 737 aircraft.

@richardquest  Ukraine's State Aviation Service has suspended all Ukrainian airline flights over Iran’s airspace starting midnight January 9, says Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk