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Everything you need to know about Biden's #JointAddress  to Congress via @JaxAlemany  and @tobiaraji 

How it started ~ How it’s going   So exciting to have such a strong leader in the White House. #JointAddress 

The best part about Joe Biden’s speech tonight? Tim Scott’s response... #JointAddress  @SenatorTimScott 

Biden's Hollywood lap dogs are drooling over his #JointAddress  @Alyssa_Milano  was even brought to "ugly crying."

?The President’s first #jointaddress  was notable not for what was in it, but for what he failed to adequately address:

President Biden pushed his ambitious agenda and called for police reform in his #JointAddress  to Congress.

Biden isn't shying away from big new health-related spending #JointAddress  via @pw_cunningham  w @EllerbeckAlex 

This morning we're breaking down parts of the #BidenAddress  and the response from #TimScott  @wachfox  #JointAddress 


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We cut child poverty in half this year. I'll clap for that. #JointAddress 

Say it with me: trickle-down economics has never worked. #JointAddress 

Immigrant rights are LGBTQ rights and LGBTQ rights are immigrant rights. Every person deserves a fair pathway to citizenship. #JointAddress 

Proud to represent @Livermore_Lab  in Congress and wear their mask at tonight’s #JointAddress .

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Someone should check on Mitch McConnell, he doesn't seem to be moving much. #JointAddress