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Conrad Black: Trudeau's 'reset' aims to revisit the failed policies of yesteryear

Needed some #journalism  inspiration. Re-listened to @caroloffcbc 's 2013 interview with Conrad Black on @cbcasithappens . (A lifetime ago for @ddale8 ). Such a study in the value of research, restraint & respect (I just made up those three r's, I like em').

Conrad Black: Trump may lose, but he's not defeated … despite the media's efforts

Conrad Black: An 'unusually successful president' may be swindled out of victory

Biden's campaign has blown up - in a bad way, writes Conrad Black

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This extraordinary memoir sees Barbara Amiel, wife of Conrad Black, laying into everyone from brain-dead trophy wives to herself

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Conrad Black: Trump is nailing it (but the mainstream media would never tell you that)

Conrad Black: Fear of COVID-19 is overblown, it's time to get the economy moving again

Conrad Black on COVID-19: The world succumbed to a pandemic of hysteria, more than a virus

Is this the quote of the election campaign so far? From Conrad Black, @BorisJohnson’s former boss. “I think that he is perhaps a little reckless with the truth compared to the average successful person”. And Black is a Johnson supporter. See full interview at 10.45, ITV

Trump has now pardoned 10 people, most of them conservative political figures or people who have supported or praised Trump — the latest being Conrad Black, a longtime Trump fan, via @mffisher 

Woods is a world-class golf star. But with Tiger Woods Medal of Freedom and Conrad Black pardon, Trump is using power of his office to aid or reward people who were famous or elite who didn’t thumb their noses at him before he was president.

Trump pardons billionaire friend Conrad Black who wrote book about him

Trump pardons billionaire friend Conrad Black, who wrote a glowing book about him

Sabika Sheikh. Chris Stone. Angelique Ramirez. Kimberly Jessica Vaughan. Shana Fisher. Christian Riley Garcia. Aaron Kyle McLeod. Jared Conrad Black. Ann Perkins. Cynthia Tisdale. They died in the Santa Fe High School shooting. How they will be remembered: