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The Int'l Spectator
starbucks stores in europe uk 1030 turkey 470 france 175 germany 168 spain 154 russia 135 netherlands 106 irel
Starbucks stores in Europe.

UK: 1,030
Turkey: 470
France: 175
Germany: 168
Spain: 154
Russia: 135
Netherlands: 106
Ireland: 82
Poland: 72
Switzerland: 65
Romania: 46
Czech Republic: 40
Greece: 31
Hungary: 28
Belgium: 26
Norway: 23
Portugal: 23
Austria: 19

Chris Murphy
i think this is a big deal earlier this month john mccain and i sent a letter to romanias government pushing t
I think this is a big deal.

Earlier this month, John McCain and I sent a letter to Romania’s government pushing them to stand up to corruption. Then, Giuliani - Trump’s spokesman - sent a letter contradicting both our letter and the State Dept position. And he got paid for it.
Europe Elects
eu28 kantar poll european union membership referendum remain ireland 91 netherlands 91 sweden 89 spain 88 germ
Mike Walker
brad parscale trumps campaign manager was on a trip to romania where he outlined a 1 billion dollar strategy t
Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, was on a trip to Romania, where he outlined a $1 billion dollar strategy to get the U.S. President re-elected in 2020.
@CNN 4 weeks
the us slid to 48th in the global rankings dropping below botswana chile and romania and entering the category
The US slid to 48th in the global rankings, dropping below Botswana, Chile and Romania and entering the category of "problematic" regions for press freedom.
The Int'l Spectator
poverty rate 2018 romania 253 uk 232 spain 223 greece 212 italy 206 portugal 190 poland 173 ireland 166 german
Poverty rate, 2018.

Romania: 25.3%
UK: 23.2%
Spain: 22.3%
Greece: 21.2%
Italy: 20.6%
Portugal: 19.0%
Poland: 17.3%
Ireland: 16.6%
Germany: 16.5%
Sweden: 16.2%
Belgium: 15.5%
France: 13.6%
Norway: 12.3%
Denmark: 11.9%
Finland: 11.7%

Kenneth P. Vogel
new trump fundraiser offered or arranged meetings with for leaders of congo angola amp romania while pursuing
NEW: TRUMP fundraiser offered or arranged meetings with for leaders of Congo, Angola & Romania -- while pursuing lucrative defense contracts with those countries.
The Int'l Spectator
minutes spent watching television daily 2017 romania 317 serbia 313 portugal 284 hungary 282 greece 262 turkey
Minutes spent watching television daily, 2017

Romania: 317
Serbia: 313
Portugal: 284
Hungary: 282
Greece: 262
Turkey: 261
Poland: 259
Italy: 244
Ukraine: 242
Russia: 242
Spain: 225
France: 222
Germany: 221
UK: 203
Netherlands: 178
Ireland: 175
Sweden: 140
Norway: 138

Judicial Watch ?
breaking jw filed foia lawsuits against state dept amp us agency for international development for docs re to
BREAKING: JW filed FOIA lawsuits against State Dept & U.S. Agency for International Development for docs re: to their funding of political activities of the Soros Open Society Foundations of Romania & the Soros Open Society Foundations of Colombia. (1/9)
@politico 8 months
donald trumps personal lawyer rudy giuliani was being paid by a global consulting firm when he sent a letter t
Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was being paid by a global consulting firm when he sent a letter to the president of Romania last week that contradicted the U.S. government’s official position
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