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I have already set up my legal eagle team for Bengal to challenge Mamata's horrible temple appointment. Writ Petition will be filed
"Pakistan zindabad..Hindu haṭao": Shocking truth of #DhulagarhRiots in West Bengal. But Mamata Banerjee pretends as if nothing has happened!
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Congrats Times Now and Shivshankar for exposing Mamata fraud on Hindu Temples
Mamata Banerjee's govt in West Bengal suspends government doctor Arunachal Dutta Choudhry for facebook posts for revealing the harsh reality of dengue deaths in the state hospitals
Mamata Banerjee Govt suspends doctor Arunachal Dutta Choudhry for revealing in his Facebook post the harsh reality of dengue deaths in government hospital in Barasat #DidiDengueDilution
TIMES NOW accesses video of anti-Hindu march in Basirhat. ‘Is Mamata fanning communal hatred?’ #HindusOnHatelist
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Mamata Di. This is undeclared emergency
Mamata di must answer why the funds meant for development granted by Modi government have been siphoned off to syndicate : Shri @AmitShah
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Why has Mamata not condemned death of a Hindu?
Mamata not only wants to halt Devi immersion for Muharram, also ban ashtra puja or weapon worship tradition. HC has allowed both. #DurgaPuja
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