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Bernie was used as a consultant by Spielberg once -- on Jurassic Park. No, really, I'll sign off now.

When the T-Rex breaks into the car in Jurassic Park, the children’s screams are real – it wasn’t supposed to break the glass.

Dua Lipa's latest primordial-inspired ensemble featured a pair of lime green, knee-high boots with the Jurassic Park logo on them.

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WATCH" Rawr! Texan Corgis don ‘Jurassic Park’-themed costumes for annual roundup

While promoting her latest musical release @DUALIPA , the #BritishVogue  cover girl wore Jurassic Park merchandise.

Don’t know why but all I could hear in my head was the Jurassic Park theme music when they was flying the helicopter over the mountains 😂🦖 #ImACeleb 

Time to sing-a-long with Jeff Goldblum ‍🎤 And if you don't know the words, Jeff's got you covered. All together now: "In Jurassic Park, scary in the dark, I'm so scared that I'll be eaten!" ‍🦕😎 #JurassicPark  @JurassicWorld 


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I’m embarrassed. I had NO idea India has its own version of a Jurassic Park. This goes on to my trip bucket list right away!

BREAKING: Three iconic cast members from the original Jurassic Park film are returning for Jurassic World 3! Life has indeed found a way!

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Thanks for a great day @UniStudios  loved the mummy and my favorite Jurassic park

Jeff Goldblum is doing a Reddit AMA and said the favorite line he's ever uttered in a movie is "my laugh in the helicopter scene in Jurassic Park."

Can't believe Ive been cast for Jurassic park 5 thanks so universal, can't wait to start filming

When I can feel the bass from another car I feel like I'm in Jurassic Park. I like to imagine a huge douchebag driving with tiny T-Rex arms.