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Latest Scoops

Carter Page: I spoke with FBI informant and "never found anything unusual" https://t.co/PY0IwBsPUv
Teen who started massive wildfire with fireworks ordered to pay $36 million in damages https://t.co/VUWbUufeaF
NEW POLL: Support for gay marriage hits all-time high https://t.co/m1diKQT2Vq
Arizona Education Dept removes mentions of "evolution" from science standards https://t.co/hmgwfOqk5a
Schumer: GOP lawmakers tell me Nunes is "off the deep end" https://t.co/GkWPXrcat9
“Deportation Bus” GOP candidate gets crushed in Georgia primary after quitting state Senate to run for governor https://t.co/nddHBkFkKE
Haley: I used Trump’s unpredictability to get China to approve North Korea sanctions https://t.co/tAEJwQckeU
NEW POLL: Just 36 percent of voters support Trump reelection https://t.co/V6vZiy9mhe
Clapper: "No doubt" Russia is the reason Trump won https://t.co/sCS3UfLzwX
Top GOP donor threatens to stop giving to Republicans who don’t support DACA: https://t.co/o0KpOVr5wH
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