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Latest Scoops

#BREAKING: McConnell blocks bill to reopen most of government https://t.co/PU1KU9ZHI6
Bipartisan group of senators reintroduce bill to prevent Trump from withdrawing from NATO https://t.co/tVSUJc44Nv
Red Sox manager says he plans to visit White House, but may change his mind https://t.co/jD6PasTCfi
#BREAKING: Trump cancels Davos trip due to government shutdown https://t.co/KxFfHLdYpv
Trump admin appeals ruling that blocked 2020 census citizenship question https://t.co/X6CQ5rhEef
Chicago cops found not guilty of cover-up in Laquan McDonald shooting https://t.co/Lz9notaFJa
Women's March plans to lobby for "Medicare for all" in DC https://t.co/Zhlr8AT476
New Yorker cover shows Trump "walled in" amid shutdown https://t.co/g3aHGk6wTY
JUST IN: Kaine to force Senate to hold rare Saturday session amid shutdown https://t.co/BrvINPDyto
JUST IN: Senate rejects bill that would ban federal funding for abortions https://t.co/8m9kf17iLf
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