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Latest Scoops

WATCH: Dem challenger agrees after Bill Maher calls Ted Cruz "a giant asshole" https://t.co/fa6oBflGxs
Flynn endorses GOP challenger to Maxine Waters in first public appearance since guilty plea https://t.co/nnkoV3KfLr
Obama AG rips McCabe firing: It's a dangerous attempt to please an "increasingly erratic president" https://t.co/xPsFtBHzxr
McCabe hits back: I was fired to undermine Mueller's probe https://t.co/vod1GKkISu
FEC launches investigation into whether NRA accepted illegal Russian donations during 2016 election: report https://t.co/mBAGg0CLjy
Dem senator: McCabe's firing is "added evidence of obstruction of justice" https://t.co/ZOlT0fzzfY
"Defense against misinformation begins at the individual level" https://t.co/tALvgqOaK1
Dem senator demands Congress protect Mueller after Trump lawyer calls for end of probe https://t.co/vcT4trNCgi
Trump lawyer calls for Mueller probe to be shut down https://t.co/rDNi7pvDkS
Intel Dem torches Trump and Sessions over McCabe firing: "This is how guilty people act" https://t.co/WPmLVKuUQ2
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