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Latest Scoops

Alaska congressional candidate has never visited the state https://t.co/xqyXLBQWTY
Ex-GOP megadonor backs Democrats in midterms https://t.co/B9D21LRoPm
Conservative columnist urges Pompeo and Bolton to resign https://t.co/O8HruYvDKJ
JUST IN: House passes spending bill that cuts EPA funding by $100 million https://t.co/3zQoTayTwG
GOP lawmaker complained that women can't be called "sluts" anymore https://t.co/yfSEEqNW0A
VA officials purging staffers they see as disloyal to Trump: report https://t.co/f9cXkliRdU
House GOP refuses to boost funding for election security amid Russian interference threat: https://t.co/rfP26bHCi0
#BREAKING: Police responding to reports of active shooter at DC hospital https://t.co/4yPaTNaZFw
Hillary Clinton: "Deeply troubling" for Trump to consider turning over American to Putin https://t.co/BZKLr8jGSP
GOP lawmaker calls for Trump to be impeached https://t.co/BHTsm8oiXg
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