#BREAKING: Trump admin separated thousands more migrant children from parents than previously known https://t.co/JhMEqjkIkT
BREAKING Duke of Edinburgh in car accident close to Sandringham Estate
John Wick is back! Watch the all-new trailer for #JohnWick3
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Michael Cohen on reportedly rigging online polls: Everything I did was directed by Trump https://t.co/Xk4Y6UsLFq
Mexico's largest airline is trolling Americans and it's the best. h/t @Aeromexico
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NEW: Rep. Tom Marino, five-term GOP congressman who co-chaired Donald Trump's presidential campaign in Pennsylvania, is resigning from Congress, saying he has "chosen to take a position in the private sector." https://t.co/BtDkEFDuSf
The House just VOICE VOTED a continuing resolution that would reopen govt after Dems caught GOP napping. Several Rs trying to undo it but Ds not having it.
Beloved poet Mary Oliver, who believed poetry "mustn't be fancy," has died at 83. Our own @LynnPNeary has a remembrance: https://t.co/waRY1irfcb
WATCH NOW: President Trump unveils the Pentagon's Missile Defense Review, including a more aggressive space-based strategy https://t.co/LuYKQQpEHt
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Today would be a good day for @realDonaldTrump to release his tax returns.
WSJ reports Michael Cohen hired someone to try to rig an online CNBC poll on influential business leaders to get Trump on the list (https://t.co/JQAllzAwCx); Cohen now says he did it at Trump's direction; when Trump lost anyway, he tweeted this (found by @kyledcheney):
Nancy Pelosi is not messing around. https://t.co/4MzOCFrGLB
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Watch the first teaser for the all-new #Ghostbusters movie coming in 2020. https://t.co/fziQSyOnsn
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"ISIS has been defeated," Vice Pres. Mike Pence said today, hours after U.S. service members were killed in a bomb blast in Syria. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the blast. https://t.co/rFL8905vUW
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don't want to hear Cruz, Cornyn, Ermst, Inhofe, Lee, etc. are tough on Russia. Their vote today was a gift to Putin and Trump. Oh, and put Romney in that group. He voted no on cloture.
Betty White turns 97 today. So to celebrate, here are 5 times she was the cutest human on earth. https://t.co/GDDFS9LdZK
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"Where's Mitch?" -Rep. Ocasio-Cortez

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Breaking: GOP defeats Democratic effort to maintain sanctions on key Kremlin ally Oleg Deripaska. Dems needed 60 votes, got only 57, incl 11 Republicans. Treasury accused him of election interference, bribery, ordering murder of a businessman & links to Russian organized crime
The “are you triggered snowflake????” crowd is somehow on day 3 of a sputtering tantrum over a razor blade commercial
11 hours
This Japanese pop star suffered an alleged assault by two men -- but she ended up apologizing for "causing trouble" to her fans https://t.co/ImCbtXOzJO
MPs reject Theresa May's Brexit deal in the largest government defeat in history
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Canadian air traffic controllers send pizza to US counterparts as shutdown drags on https://t.co/w4Zm4kXu86
If you are a man who is upset about the Gillette commercial, you should smile more. You are so much prettier when you smile.
Here’s a video I shot of President Trump showing off his 300 hamburgers.
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JUST IN: A majority of Americans hold Pres. Trump and congressional Republicans mainly responsible for the government shutdown, new @ABC News/WaPo poll finds. Just 29% blame congressional Democrats. https://t.co/G1ZL9tWpEp
If Trump now reopens Govt, he visibly surrenders to Pelosi.

If Trump keeps Govt closed, he bleeds support faster. Workers miss next paycheck, air travel delays, govt services fail, and economy stalls.

Trump built the trap and walked into it. Pelosi just locked it behind him.
Judge blocks Trump admin rules letting more businesses opt out of covering birth control https://t.co/zYHhkoc8Wp
Drone video shows a huge, almost perfectly-shaped ice disk floating in the Presumpscot River in Westbrook, Maine. The mass of ice that resembles a moon slowly rotates as currents pass in the river. https://t.co/5UOvjC1xcT
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‘Is this how you make America great again?’ — Sen. Jon Tester held nothing back in his impassioned speech against Trump’s shutdown
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