JUST IN: White House insists Trump will sign spending bill despite veto tweet https://t.co/dv89qGMoRL
U.S. House panel formally asks Facebook CEO to testify on user data https://t.co/ESJjJ1i202
"I'm supposed to be recovering ... and I can't do that if these things are still going to be happening."

Using cell phones, six Parkland survivors chronicled their lives in the weeks after the shooting. Their stories tonight, 9p ET on CNN #ParklandDiaries https://t.co/ctVmpJp2yu
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Why is Trump trying to pretend that he and the Republicans are on the side of DACA recipients? TRUMP ENDED DACA... This is the most blatant gaslighting I've ever witnessed.
The 16-year-old girl wounded by an armed student at a Maryland school earlier this week has died after being taken off life support https://t.co/XlNXzctlvY
New England Patriots fly Parkland students to DC for march on official team plane https://t.co/YgomSqu8ud
If @realDonaldTrump vetoes the spending billl, the lobbyists and special interests who wrote it are going to be very, very upset.
If you think going into Iraq was a good idea, and if you still think it was a resounding success, then John Bolton is your guy as the National Security Advisor.
I didn’t realize there was one. Will do.
John Bolton, Trump’s reported pick for national security adviser, has a record of warmongering, bigotry, and pushing conspiracy theories https://t.co/Brfp4vp6rA
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BREAKING: 16-Year-Old Jaelynn Wiley, Targeted In Maryland HS Shooting, To Be Taken Off Life Support, Mother Says:

"As of now Jaelynn is still on life support, but she will not make it. We will be taking her off life support this evening. She has no life left in her."
EXCLUSIVE: "DNC hacker" Guccifer 2.0 was, in fact, an officer of Russia's military intelligence directorate https://t.co/aydK9i4FK5
FAIL: A Minnesota teen accidentally crashed through the wall of the driver's license exam station while taking her road test Wednesday afternoon. Police say she accidentally put the car in drive instead of reverse, causing her to jump the curb and hit th… https://t.co/2OkRjTQ0dN
#Trèbes: The latest reports from supermarket in France where gunman has taken hostages, with at least one person feared dead

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Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are threatening to beat each other up.

Just another perfectly normal day in the United States of America.
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#BREAKING Toys R Us founder Charles Lazarus dies, according to reports https://t.co/CaJT15nP3R
We were told that the "grownups" in the Trump Administration would hold the President's worst instincts in check. But what happens when "grownups" are shown the door and replaced by people not exactly known for impulse control? McMaster out. Bolton in is a worrisome development.
Former Cambridge Analytica contractor Christopher Wylie tells CNN’s @donlemon that he helped build a “psychological warfare weapon” to “exploit mental vulnerabilities that our algorithms showed that [Facebook users] had." https://t.co/3u8JNn3DlO
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The world's last male white rhino has died leaving only two females left to save the species from extinction. https://t.co/9CoaGb1NhW
Poll: 74% of Americans now believe in the concept of the "deep State" (an unelected, manipulative security complex having undue influence over national policy). 53% of Americans are worried about it spying on them. The concern is bipartisan. https://t.co/0HId4VZl8v
WATCH: This gorilla named Louis likes to walk like a human -- especially when the ground is muddy, so he doesn't get his hands dirty, the Philadelphia Zoo says.
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#BREAKING: Neo-Nazi wins GOP congressional primary https://t.co/pVB8JO1e32
Wow, the Senate Intelligence Committee just came out in favor of all U.S. voting machines having an auditable paper trail. And they made clear that the U.S. must make clear that the attack on our election in 2016 was a hostile act. This is shockingly productive.
Sen. McCain on Pres. Trump congratulating Putin on election win: “An American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections." https://t.co/BWlZoRJgaO
EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s election consultants secretly filmed offering to use Ukrainian sex workers to entrap politicians. https://t.co/Swdr4jL0NA #CambridgeAnalyticaUncovered
BREAKING: St. Mary’s County Public Schools says there has been a shooting at Great Mills High School in Great Mills, Maryland
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South Korean K-pop boy band @BTS_twt helped its manager more than double its revenue in 2017 https://t.co/QZPgjodDJ4
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