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Channel NewsAsia
conor mcgregor announces retirement from mma
Conor McGregor announces retirement from MMA
@ndtv 2 hours
exclusive former rbi governor raghuram rajan speaks to ndtv watch on and ndtv 24x7
#Exclusive | Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan speaks to NDTV

Watch on and NDTV 24x7
Faisal Islam
british social attitudes survey author prof john curtice its results corroborated by polls is enough to raise
British Social Attitudes Survey author Prof John Curtice: its results, corroborated by polls “is enough to raise doubts about whether, two and half years after the original ballot, leaving the EU necessarily continues to represent the view of a majority of the British public”
ABC News
@ABC 2 hours
did this turn out to not be a witch hunt after all pres trump we re glad it s over it s 100 percent the way i
.@jonkarl: "Did this turn out to not be a witch hunt, after all?"

Pres. Trump: "We're glad it's over. It's 100 percent the way it should have been. I wish it could have gone a lot sooner ... we can never let this happen to a president again."
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Faisal Islam
hasnt been a single poll in almost a year now with leave lead 70 polls since ge17 show only two 1 leads 5 ties
hasn’t been a single poll in almost a year now with Leave lead. 70 polls since GE17 show only two (+1) leads, 5 Ties, 63 Remain leads, recent avg plus 7/8 remain.

Hypothesis: General Election 2017 was a structural break in polled support for Remain/Leave

Via @britainelects
The Int'l Spectator
just in uber announces purchase of middle east rival careem for 31 billion which makes it uber s largest acqui
JUST IN: Uber announces purchase of Middle East rival Careem for $3.1 billion, which makes it Uber's largest acquisition.
nasa cancels first all female spacewalk says there aren t enough spacesuits that fit
NASA cancels first all-female spacewalk, says there aren't enough spacesuits that fit
@ANI_news 2 hours
dr tejaswini ananth kumar wife of late union minister ananth kumarwho was not given bjp ticket from bangalore
Dr Tejaswini Ananth Kumar (wife of late Union minister Ananth Kumar)who was not given BJP ticket from Bangalore South LS seat:It's shocking.I stand with the party's decision.Let's not start asking questions. If we have to contribute to the country then we have to work for Modi Ji
Omar Abdullah
looking at how the bjp has treated senior leaders like advani sb joshi sb amp sinha sb i can safely say so cal
Looking at how the BJP has treated senior leaders like Advani Sb, Joshi Sb & Sinha Sb I can safely say so called family run parties treat their senior leaders with far more respect.
The National
breaking uber agrees to buy careem for 31 billion making it the biggest ever tech deal for the middle east
Breaking: Uber agrees to buy Careem for $3.1 billion, making it the biggest ever tech deal for the Middle East

Scoops of the Day

Joy Reid
as i m sure you know this is not normal not in a democracy
As I'm sure you know, this is not normal. Not in a democracy.
CNN Breaking News
jeremy richman a father of a 6 year old girl killed in the sandy hook elementary school massacre was found dea
Jeremy Richman, a father of a 6-year-old girl killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, was found dead Monday from an apparent suicide, police say
The Hill
@thehill 15 hours
sarah sanders they claim to have actual evidence they said it was true and they lied they didn t just lie on t
Sarah Sanders: "They claim to have actual evidence. They said it was true. And they lied. They didn't just lie on TV. They lied to the American people. And they tried to take something away from the 63 million Americans that voted for this president."
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@ANI_news 13 hours
watch israeli military has begun striking hamas targets throughout gaza
#WATCH: Israeli military has begun striking Hamas targets throughout Gaza.
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The Hill
@thehill 14 hours
sarah sanders they literally accused the president of the united states of being an agent for a foreign govern
Sarah Sanders: "They literally accused the President of the United States of being an agent for a foreign government. That's equivalent to treason. Thats punishable by death in this country."
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The Hill
@thehill 18 hours
stacey abrams on barr summary i tend to think it s like having your brother summarize your report card to your
Stacey Abrams on Barr summary: "I tend to think it's like having your brother summarize your report card to your parents."

Last night, Stacey Abrams spoke at Writers Bloc at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles.
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The Hill
@thehill 7 hours
breaking justice dept sides with court ruling obamacare unconstitutional
#BREAKING: Justice Dept sides with court ruling Obamacare unconstitutional
David Corn
russia attacked the 2016 election to help trump his campaign signaled moscow it was fine with that and trump a
Russia attacked the 2016 election to help Trump. His campaign signaled Moscow it was fine with that, and Trump also lied about the attack and helped Putin get away with it. And most Republicans and conservatives don’t give a damn. This is sad and troubling.
Mark Knoller
netanyahu thanks pres trump for us recognition of israeli sovereignty over the golan heights says israel won t
Netanyahu thanks Pres Trump for US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Says Israel won the Golan Heights "in a just war of self-defense." Tells @POTUS, Israel has never had a better friend than him.
George Osborne
im sorry is this for real have the leaders of the hard brexiteers just called themselves the same name as the
I’m sorry, is this for real? Have the leaders of the hard Brexiteers just called themselves the same name as the leaders of the Ku Klux Klan?
@CNN 4 days
he s 8 years old an immigrant from nigeria and was living in a homeless shelter with his family and after lear
He's 8 years old, an immigrant from Nigeria, and was living in a homeless shelter with his family.

And, after learning to play chess a year ago, he's now a New York champion.
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exclusive facebook stored hundreds of millions of user passwords in plain text for years
Exclusive: Facebook stored hundreds of millions of user passwords in plain text for years
The Hill
sen richard blumenthal we need to see the mueller report and not the barr report the american people paid for
Sen. Richard Blumenthal: "We need to see the Mueller Report and not the Barr Report. The American people paid for the Mueller Report and they deserve to know all of the findings and evidence."
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wanted for assault help us bring justice to a 78 year old woman who was brutally kicked in the face on 3 10 at
🚨WANTED for ASSAULT: help us bring justice to a 78-year-old woman who was brutally kicked in the face on 3/10 at 3:10 am inside the 238th St/Nereid Ave subway station in the Bronx. If you have any info, call @NYPDTips at 800-577-TIPS. Your calls are anonymous!
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BuzzFeed News
yesterday trump complained that he didn t get a thank you for giving the go ahead for mccain s funeral at the
Yesterday, Trump complained that he "didn't get a thank you" for giving the go-ahead for McCain's funeral at the National Cathedral.

Well, today, the National Cathedral WENT 👏 IN 👏
ABC News
@ABC 4 days
a texas man decided to test the all leashed pets welcomed policy at petco by taking his watusi steer to get a
A Texas man decided to test the “all leashed pets welcomed” policy at Petco by taking his Watusi Steer to get a check up. Video shows the African Watusi walking through the doors of Petco with his owner by his side only to get welcomed with open arms.
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David Frum
1 a truck of tvs is hijacked 2 your son meets with the hijackers 3 your campaign manager shares route informat
1. A truck of TVs is hijacked.

2. Your son meets with the hijackers.

3. Your campaign manager shares route information with them.

4. You are recorded on video saying, "I love truck hijacking."

5. The TVs are in your house.

Happy No Collusion Day.
so the steele dossier was fake the fisa system was abused fake leaks came from high ranking officials and the
So, the Steele dossier was fake, the FISA system was abused, fake leaks came from high ranking officials, and the media dragged our country thru this bullshit. its not Trump that Putin snagged; its the media, a bunch of useful idiots.
Anna Fifield
television news in new zealand tonight
Television news in New Zealand tonight 🇳🇿 🧕 📺
Brian Kilmeade
this just in hillaryclinton officially lost the 2016 election
This just in @HillaryClinton officially lost the 2016 election
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