#BREAKING Pompeo says US will revoke visas for Saudis involved in Khashoggi killing
#LIVE Traffic backing up on both sides of 101 in Agoura Hills after crash of vintage small plane https://t.co/Gr80vKyMQE
Presenting oneself at the border and asking for asylum is legal under both US and international law.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: "The United States also has a message for those who are currently part of this caravan or any caravan which follows: you will not be successful in getting into the United States illegally, no matter what" https://t.co/w9wzM8vqIB
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My only prediction for the midterms: Already Dark Trump is going to get darker and uglier by Election Day. Much darker and uglier. And every GOPer who doesn't speak out or quit the party is complicit.
Senior VA official had portrait of KKK's first grand wizard hanging in his office https://t.co/iFJv1p1fSU
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Former Vice President Joe Biden says President Trump is "more like George Wallace than George Washington" https://t.co/cGJ0NdU5z5
A man who called a woman an “ugly black bastard” on a Ryanair flight has been reported to police by the airline.
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#LDTPoll: Do you think the Radical Left is working with Central and South American socialists and leftists to organize and support the migrant caravan?
A racist robocall pretending to be Andrew Gillum is targeting Florida residents, according to multiple reports. The call goes: "I is the n***o Andrew Gillum, and I be asking you to make me governor."

Gillum’s campaign called the call "disgusting" and "abhorrent."
President Trump doesn't back down from his baseless assertion that Californians are rioting to "get out of sanctuary cities."

Asked by @GeoffRBennett to name the locations of the riots, the president said, "Take a look ... Many places in California."
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Addressing Trump rally, @tedcruz, shows his bitter 2016 feud with @realDonaldTrump is over. His first words to the rally: "God Bless Texas and God Bless Donald Trump.""
Latest from President Erdogan:

- Jamal Khashoggi was killed at consulate
- 15-person Saudi team came to Turkey
- Some of them had explored local forest
- Hard disk removed from CCTV system

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IMAGE: Jamal Khashoggi's son shakes hands with Saudi Arabia's crown prince

(Via Saudi Press Agency)
BREAKING: Escalator out of control at metro station in Rome, causing multiple injuries https://t.co/fRvt6Crs5l
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Twitter thought I got hacked & locked my account haha
BS lights are flashing red. In the last few days, Trump has claimed “Middle Easterners” traveling in the caravan, riots in California due to sanctuary cities and a middle class tax cut is on the way. None of this is backed up with any kind of substance from the WH.
Questions I hope reporters will ask Ds about the caravan:

1) Do you support letting all of them into the US?
2) Are there any you would send back?
3) Once they’re here, who should pay for their health care?
4) Who should pay for their housing/food?
5) Where should they live?
Audio leaked to @RollingStone reveals @BrianKempGA telling attendees at a closed-door campaign event that @staceyabrams’s voter turnout operation “continues to concern us, especially if everybody uses and exercises their right to vote.” Read my report. https://t.co/uAob3x4TVx
"Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first." - Charles de Gaulle
Had to been done ur welcome
See why @Lawrence thinks President Trump is "lying to voters" about the GOP's position on health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions.

—> https://t.co/53qtnqlx7n
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Twitter is Dark Souls of social media. Reddit is Bloodborne. Insta is Zelda.
Remembering Jamal Khashoggi - the prominent Saudi journalist whose 30-year career came to an end when he was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.
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I've fact-checked every word Trump has uttered for two full years. This is one of his most dishonest weeks in political life. He's lying about so many different things at once, and in big ways -- not exaggerating or stretching, completely making stuff up. https://t.co/XrgPbUIcZ1
The disturbing part of Trump’s jokes about Gianforte was the effect on the crowd. I saw one young man in the crowd making body slam gestures. He looked at me and ran his thumb across his throat. I talked to him after the rally was over. He couldn’t stop laughing.
Congressional candidate Abigail Spanberger had a brilliant comeback to her GOP opponent constantly calling her Nancy Pelosi
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