#BREAKING --Priyanka Gandhi Vadra appointed Congress (@INCIndia) General Secretary in-charge of UP east
IMAGE: Desert meets the sea in Namibia https://t.co/zOZzW14vb9
IMAGE: Mount Fuji from the International Space Station https://t.co/Ijgd4ULXim
Female pedestrian, 21, is mowed down and killed by police car on 999 call in east London https://t.co/T7ndYokFYw
The Edmonton Oilers have dismissed Peter Chiarelli as President/GM.
How to Find a Good Assignment Writer Online
I think we can now say with some certainty that there is nothing the Daily Mail can’t blame on Meghan (h/t ⁦@AngelaFwrites⁩)
A simple blood test could predict if a patient will develop Alzheimer's disease up to 16 years before symptoms begin, a new study finds https://t.co/0oWuGn9MaZ
Climate change is causing Greenland's massive ice sheets to melt much faster than previously thought, a new study has found, and it may be "too late" to do anything about it https://t.co/QDA7k0jfyg
President Trump is the biggest no-show at the World Economic Forum. But Brazil’s new leader, Jair Bolsonaro, nicknamed the “Trump of the Tropics,” stepped in to take up the populist mantle. https://t.co/9Yo9Uu14aT
James Dyson has supported Brexit, saying the UK would be better off outside the EU. But his company thinks it would be better off outside the UK and is moving its HQ. https://t.co/O9KbjOzUZ0
JUST IN: singer Chris Brown arrested in Paris on suspicion of rape - French police source
BREAKING: Supreme Court allows Trump administration to enforce transgender military restrictions while litigation continues
Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “We cannot have the president, every time he has an objection, to say I’ll shut down the government until you come to my way of thinking…If we hold the employees hostage now, they’re hostage forever.” https://t.co/GjzjkZ20Ko
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i hope the next black teen arrested for looking at a cop the wrong way also gets a segment on the today show
NEW: The State Department has just had to cancel its big international conference on BORDER SECURITY and preventing WMD across borders... due to the shutdown over...yes, BORDER SECURITY
.@AriMelber: "We're seeing a new low in presidential work ethic... it's now clear Trump was not prepared for the demands." https://t.co/ytbRbblJtN
SCOOP: @WhiteHouse has sent a letter to the Sergeant-At-Arms, asking to schedule a walk-through for the SOTU address. SAA cancelled a walk-through last week at the request of @NancyPelosi . s@realDonaldTrumptill plans to be at the Capitol on Jan 29 for the speech
Parents: watch out, as plenty of fans may be taking note of this tactic of displaying their love of BTS https://t.co/yRPMDEzWMb
Need a moral vacuum? Get a Dyson
Bust a move – with your school principal. 🕺
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'My children come home from school hungry, they open the refrigerator, and there isn't anything.' — This is what Trump's shutdown is doing to families across the U.S.
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Listen to Nathan Phillips. A Vietnam vet who was harassed by a white student. If you want to make America better, a more kind & just place, then listen to Nathan. The horrible actions by his harasser are taught. That means we need to teach our kids better https://t.co/sWUqVUfrsV
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'Oftentimes the most righteous thing you can do is shake the table.' — Watch @Ocasio2018's inspiring Women's March #WomensWaves#WomensMarch2019peech
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Overheard in Berlin bakery: “Brexit is like a 97 year old royal behind the wheel. You know it’s a bad idea but are too polite to stop it.”
White kids in MAGA hats jeering a Native American Vietnam veteran. This era is just a series of extremely heavy-handed metaphors
EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Kamala Harris announces she will run for president in 2020.

“I love my country," she tells @GMA. "And this is a moment in time that I feel a sense of responsibility to stand up and fight for the best of who we are.” https://t.co/TaNcPjey8F
A woman who says she has evidence of Trump-Russia collusion was just forcibly detained by agents in Moscow
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