ICYMI: 'God Gave Me You' singer @bryan_white arrives in PHL. | via @vonneaquino #ALDUBStaySTRONG
Police: 3 officers, unknown number of civilians hurt. #ColoradoSprings #PlannedParenthood https://t.co/xLE7GxHEwP
Adele is selling more albums than anyone in the music business thought was still possible https://t.co/aD0rkhtelS
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#PlannedParenthood statement: "We will never back away from providing care in a safe, supportive environment” https://t.co/6NsV0ZCVNm
Congrats to @UW_Football on another Apple Cup victory in a dominating blowout against the Cougs! #GoDaWgs
This is what Ferentz blew his top over. Nebraska tight end was covered up. Should've been illegal formation.
.@csgazette says an armed civilian showed up and apparently asked police if he could help https://t.co/qECeRfl40x
Shooting at a bank? Has anyone blamed Bernie Sanders for his extreme rhetoric yet?
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FULL STORY: #GGMY singer @bryan_white in Manila for concert #ALDUBStaySTRONG https://t.co/VC8uKtvpVs
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