57 minutes
BREAKING: Stephen Harper to launch election campaign as early as Sunday http://t.co/lpfYjJqnol #cbcmb #cdnpoli
2 hours
Plane debris on Reunion island checked for MH370 ties http://t.co/GmWvvKLvlt
2 hours
University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing has been fired. http://t.co/D73t6CORRb
2 hours
RAW VIDEO: Cincinnati cop shoots unarmed #SamDubose in head https://t.co/yLb3xY3NRA http://t.co/ahX5EyogvT
1 hour
Cecil the lion's final photograph.
42 minutes
The dentist who killed Cecil the lion has closed his dental practice http://t.co/C0EsU38d4h
28 minutes
BREAKING NEWS: US official: Debris in photo belongs to same type of aircraft as the missing Malaysia plane.
1 hour
A 2009 Times article about hunting profiled the Minnesota dentist accused of killing a lion http://t.co/xpFfhbVjU8
1 hour
"Hunting is a coward's pastime," writes Sir Roger Moore http://t.co/xTnidRdwAy #CecilTheLion
3 hours
Brazil drinks more alcohol than any other country except China and America http://t.co/k7FUg68EnP
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