TEXAS-SIZED: Aerial footage shows a crowd of GOP supporters lining up to attend a "Make America Great" rally at Houston's Toyota Center as Pres. Trump tries to help Ted Cruz fend off Democratic opponent, Beto O'Rourke. More on the Texas showdown: https://t.co/FD6U4jeatr
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President Trump: "I spoke to the Crown Prince. We have people over in Saudi Arabia now. We have top intelligence people in Turkey. We're going to see what we have. I'll know a lot tomorrow." https://t.co/6g6p2MVGav
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JUST IN: Man shot by security guard after breaking into the FOX 5 building in Washington, D.C., station says. Motive unknown.
Defining "sex" as its actual definition does not "erase" anyone. Transgender people still exist. Nobody argues otherwise. But their existence does not mean that federal law should identify them as members of the opposite biological sex. #WontBeErased
Stormy Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti must pay $4.85 million to an attorney who worked at his former law firm, California judge rules. https://t.co/poZOnJAV88
.@POTUS: "Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador: They're paid a lot of money every year, we give them foreign aid, and they did nothing for us. Nothing."
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LATEST: Hurricane Willa strengthened into a powerful Category 5 storm Monday morning, taking aim at the Mexican coast and threatening to deliver life-threatening storm surge, wind and rain. https://t.co/xnHAivukXF
Polls are useful data points. They can also drive you nuts. They're imperfect snapshots of moments in time, subject to margins of error. These elections are close - across the country. And all that will matter in the end is who actually shows up and votes!
.@POTUS: "We have been giving so much money to so many different countries for so long and it's not fair and it's not good. And then when we ask them to keep their people in their country, they're unable do it."
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NBC News: Republicans outpacing Democrats in early voting in key states

Twitter is Dark Souls of social media. Reddit is Bloodborne. Insta is Zelda.
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Andrew Gillum’s response: “The congressman was against the piece of legislation because he is wholly owned by the NRA. He’s not gonna stand up to the National Rifle Association. That's why they’re running all these ads against me because they want the man that they bought.”
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EXCLUSIVE: Surveillance footage shows Saudi operative in Jamal Khashoggi's clothes in Istanbul after the journalist was killed, Turkish source says.

@clarissaward has more, live from Istanbul:
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Democrat Andrew Gillum’s closing statement: “We want better… I'm asking you all for the only thing in life that my mother ever told me to ask for and that’s a chance. I want to be your governor. Let's bring it home.” 

#FLGovDebate https://t.co/2k8aILDzDU
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The first tunnel is almost done
Trump Alerts Border Patrol Of ‘National Emergency’ As Caravan Progresses https://t.co/7URM6StpEX
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A $20-billion bridge connecting Hong Kong and Macau to the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai is set to finally open this week, marking the completion of the longest sea-crossing bridge ever built, nine years after construction began. https://t.co/BYPu58MJWn
So folks: who do YOU think did best in the debate?
My question is this: “Why is Trump incapable of telling obvious truths?”

Is he ignorant? Evil? Insane?

What excuse do his followers have for cheering on his steady stream of lies?https://t.co/bVIz8wskq7
Had to been done ur welcome
Congressional candidate Abigail Spanberger had a brilliant comeback to her GOP opponent constantly calling her Nancy Pelosi
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Remembering Jamal Khashoggi - the prominent Saudi journalist whose 30-year career came to an end when he was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.
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The disturbing part of Trump’s jokes about Gianforte was the effect on the crowd. I saw one young man in the crowd making body slam gestures. He looked at me and ran his thumb across his throat. I talked to him after the rally was over. He couldn’t stop laughing.
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Pres. Trump's celebration of a congressman who assaulted a journalist is disgusting. The rapturous cheers from the crowd are deeply disturbing. The silence from GOP officials is the sound of cowardice. This has not, must not, will not be my America.
Don’t be fooled by the continued demonization of immigrants. Voter fraud in this country is actually very rare. What we should be on the lookout for is Russian meddling.https://t.co/7LO0VNHGtE
Thousands of people are in London to take part in a protest calling for a referendum on the final #Brexit deal - says @ChrisMasonBBC

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In March, Trump said the Saudi military deals would produce 40,000 jobs.

A week ago, he made it 450,000 jobs. Wednesday, 500,000 jobs. Yesterday afternoon, 600,000 jobs.

Yesterday evening: "The million jobs."

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