40 minutes
Bruce Jenner comes out as transgender: "I am a woman" http://t.co/zGbSt96mjM
1 hour
JUST IN: Starbucks hit with apparent nationwide outage; stores giving away free drinks. http://t.co/kKG1LKwWsM
51 minutes
Hope you’re joining us. #BruceJennerABC
33 minutes
"Most Likely to Succeed": Schools should teach kids to think, not memorize http://t.co/iQriUFZq9j
1 hour
Starbucks confirms register outage at company-operated stores in the U.S. and Canada, says stores will remain open
2 hours
6:32pm CDT: #Tornado warning for southern Tarrant County incl Fort Worth, TX. Storm racing east toward Dallas County.
21 minutes
Cannot be said enough: gender identity and sexual preference are not the same thing #BruceJennerABC
1 hour
Trickle down economics, kind of like being urinated on by the elite when you're dehydrated and dying of thirst.
2 hours
How #ISIS is luring so many Americans to join its ranks: http://t.co/6mQQUacha9
1 hour
Veteran defense lawyers see possible criminal inquiry for Clintons http://t.co/lmyYJWd4KB via @JamesRosenFNC
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