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Nigeria is officially free of Ebola, after six weeks with no new cases, the World Health Organization declares http://t.co/IDewIbToUW
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"The virus is gone... the outbreak in Nigeria has been defeated. This shows the world #Ebola can be contained" - WHO http://t.co/QUtniYiXzV
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In memory of Nigeria's "hero doctor" who first spotted #Ebola - and later died http://t.co/7nxhM2AuEm http://t.co/A7wrE7mYXo
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Nigeria is officially free of #Ebola, @WHO announced today. http://t.co/G0MW4hlfIg http://t.co/wsCzFbo3rn
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BREAKING: World Health Organization declares that Nigeria is now free of Ebola: http://t.co/e5qlt9pwBe
As reported in @SkySports, Gareth Bale injured: will miss at least the next two games, Liverpool and FC Barcelona. Bale se pierde el Clásico
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World Health Organisation has declared Nigeria free of #Ebola after 42-day period with no new cases
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Ebola is not just a medical emergency, but an economic one http://t.co/bYMvzCkXgi http://t.co/C2OICxZf8w
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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge confirm their second baby is due in April next year http://t.co/LVnMrCIAw6
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Astronaut Chris Hadfield's amazing photos from space http://t.co/Iqyxkd9Ne0 (pictured: the river Nile) http://t.co/nob12eNDOG