JUST IN: Actress, comedian Anne Meara, mother of Ben Stiller, dies at 85. More to come.
2 hours
John Nash, subject of ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ and wife killed in car crash http://t.co/4uTnZb2RZF
1 hour
Checkered Flag! Juan Pablo Montoya wins the 2015 Indianapolis 500
2 hours
JUST IN: Spanish exit polls show big gains for upstart parties http://t.co/nqTL6QyxFf #EspanaVota
2 hours
#IPLFinal : Mumbai Indians defeat Chennai Super Kings by 41 runs
3 hours
New Orleans Officer Fatally Shot In Squad Car http://t.co/2AWfjLJeR6
2 hours
Migrant drama Dheepan has taken the top award at the Cannes film festival in France http://t.co/UyC8UgeRWp
2 hours
Ireland becomes the 1st country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote http://t.co/IPVVVEiCy9
11 minutes
JUST IN: Polish President Komorowski concedes defeat to conservative #Duda in runoff election http://t.co/qkSzN8MNdN
34 minutes
An estimated 300 homes flooded in San Marcos, Texas, after record rainfall, official says. http://t.co/rBrXCrBBwH
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