Johnson searched internet for "legal age of consent" on 3 Feb, days after alleged sexual activity with 15 year old girl, court told
AJ's girlfriend sent him pic of their baby. AJ: "She looks class" – 30 seconds after he text girl to say "I will last 10 seconds tho lol"
Court hears that girl, 15, sent AJ a Snapchat wearing a white bikini. "Send another one with the bikini off," he allegedly replied
Crown says Johnson "knew her age, he knew she looked up to him, he knew he could take advantage of her and he did."
Johnson was engaging in sex acts with schoolgirl when his partner text him heartfelt message trying to save relationship, court hears
Upon his arrest Johnson told his girlfriend the girl "said she was 16". "That was a lie," prosecutor tells jury.
Johnson weaved "a web of lies" in first police interview, says pros. AJ told police he and girl hadn't done "anything other than a kiss"
AJ explained his "you felt really turned on" text as: "the passionate way that she was kissing and hugging him and nothing more than that"
Back at Adam Johnson trial. Girl was "distraught" after rumours started among schoolfriends about what she allegedly did with Johnson.
AJ later told police he knew it was wrong to kiss the girl, "instantly felt upset with himself + told himself that his behaviour was poor"
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