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Most playoff games with at least 40 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists over the last 50 years:

LeBron James: 13
Micheal Jordan: 4
Shaq O’Neal: 4
Larry Bird:3
Tim Duncan: 3
Wilt Chamberlain: 3
NBA coach Steve Kerr slams the NFL over its new policy, saying the league is "basically trying to use the anthem as fake patriotism... scaring people. It's idiotic, but that's how the NFL has handled their business."
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This is repugnant. Dragging screaming, terrified children out of their mothers’ arms to *punish* asylum seekers is fundamentally un-American. And yet, it’s the policy of the Trump administration. May God have mercy on our souls.
"Don't forget to show love": In a superhero cape, he feeds the hungry and homeless in Birmingham, Alabama. And he's only 4.
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Supermarket chain halts donations to Fla. candidate who is a fierce NRA supporter amid boycott, ‘die-in’ protests by David Hogg
#MadhyaPradesh: People in Dindori's Shahpura are facing acute water shortage. Children have to climb down the well to collect water, as villagers are unable to fetch it using buckets due to less quantity. Locals say the well is 1 km away & other water bodies have dried up.
The leader of the union that represents Border Patrol agents has slammed the deployment of National Guard troops to the border by the Trump administration as "a colossal waste of resources"
President @realDonaldTrump on James @projectexile7: "How is he gonna explain to his grandchildren all of the lies, the deceit, all of the problems he's caused for this co#Hannityun"
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Pope Francis tells gay man: "God made you like that and loves you like that"
Shellfish found in Washington's Puget Sound have tested positive for the prescription opioid oxycodone, as well as for antibiotics, antidepressants and chemicals found in cleaning products
HAPPENING NOW: Harvey Weinstein is turning himself in to police in New York City
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#BREAKING: Police are at the scene of an active shooter situation at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana. Police say a suspect is in custody - #LIVE VIDEO:
JUST IN: Exit poll: Ireland votes to overturn abortion ban in landslide
I am reading these first-hand accounts of mothers who had their children taken from them, with no word of where they were going or how to contact them, and I'm thinking about someone doing that to me and my kids and I feel a rage so powerful I think I'm gonna pass out.
BREAKING: FBI reportedly obtained foreign intelligence wiretaps of a Putin ally who met with Donald Trump Jr. at NRA convention in May 2016 according to Yahoo News.
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This is a moral abomination, and a national shame. We’ll be covering it tonight.
Just a thought but maybe the US government is treating immigrant children like livestock because the president sees them as animals.
“My son was crying as I put him in the seat. I did not even have a chance to try to comfort my son, because the officers slammed the door shut as soon as he was in his seat. I was cry, too. I cry even now when I think about that moment when the border officers took my son away.”
A hero science teacher was shot three times as he tackled the student gunman at an Indiana middle school to protect his class
Mega Times Group poll: 71.9% of Indians say they will vote for Narendra Modi as PM again in 2019
Going to create a site where the public can rate the core truth of any article & track the credibility score over time of each journalist, editor & publication. Thinking of calling it Pravda …
BTS became the first-ever Korean act to perform at the Billboard Music Awards, debuting their new single "Fake Love." They also took home the award for Top Social Artist. #BBMAs (📷: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
We will remember 🐝❤️
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Pope Francis tells gay man: "God made you like that and loves you like that"
There's now a White House Military Office coin for the upcoming Trump Kim Jong Un summit. The North Korean dictator is referred to as "Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un."
NBA coach Steve Kerr says the NFL's anthem decision is what's wrong with our country right now
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Police detained a black man for having suspicious “vegetation” on his car window.
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SOUND ON: These two lynxes have a lot to say to one another. Listen to their intense conversation on the side of the road in Avery Lake, Canada.
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