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Journalist. Former correspondent for Al Jazeera. I mostly tweet about: China | Cuba | USA. Instagram/Snapchat: @melissakchan

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Got into my gym clothes for a run; two hours later I still hadn't left my place and found myself curled up in bed with a book. Friend asks, "That the definition of athleisure?"
People annoyed b @Acostay 's behavior should pay attention to those who actually spend time with the dude, day in and day out. The White House press corps stands with him. If his peers are cool with him, maybe it’s not up to us to say much about his reporting style.
Reading @noahbarkin's interview with ex-chancellor Schroeder. His take on China not a surprise given his take on Russia. But the 🤷🏼‍♂️ "who knows what's happening" attitude on concentration camps in Xinjiang — especially for a German — IS REALLY UNSETTLING. https://t.co/cK9MWOtnt9
I'd tweeted earlier about White House reporters needing to hang together, or else they'll hang apart. Well — they're hanging together. What an amazing list supporting CNN and @Acosta's legal fight:
Fox News hasn’t tweeted in nine days. Drudge and Jared Kushner have deleted all their tweets. This could all be unrelated. It just feels weird. We can’t speculate, but I wish a lawyer can explain under what circumstances something like this would happen. 🤷🏻‍♀️
116th Congress members elect as emojis. (seeing this copy/pasted - would love to credit creator)


You know the answer to that: the better to track you.
I remember that even base camp, Mt. Everest on the Tibet/China side had reception!
Wildfires, by the way, are scary to cover. I remember running around that big Yosemite one in 2013. An ex-Mid East conflict zone reporter told me fires were scarier. Maybe not rational, but there’s a feeling you can negotiate with someone with a gun. Mother nature doesn’t care.
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