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Journalist. Former correspondent for Al Jazeera. I mostly tweet about: China | Cuba | USA. Instagram/Snapchat: @melissakchan

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This kind of thing is wholly familiar to many people in the world and wasn't supposed to happen in the country my family chose to immigrate to. Frankly, we were leaving this stuff behind. Now it's not even the top story today in America. https://t.co/RXcDMTwgj9
American poet Mary Oliver has died. 1935-2019.

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.
Great short read by top China legal expert @donaldcclarke about the death sentence handed to the Canadian in the retrial: https://t.co/2twhY4QWRK
I know everyone is gabbing about how well @Ocasio2018 maneuvers social media, that she’s a “digital native,” but don’t @JohnDingellforget constantly wins Twitter on any given day. I really don’t like age discrimination let’s not okay.
When Trump said he would intervene in the Huawei case if it would help him get a trade deal with China, he made it a clear tit-for-tat. He didn’t have to say that. This is partially the outcome. China is the executioner but the American president did not help.
Actually I paid a price and was expelled from the country.
I spent five years in China and I rarely went to government press conferences. It was mostly propaganda and not very informative. Guess what you can read the transcripts after. As @jayrosen_nyu keeps saying, send the interns.
Reminder: Comparisons don’t have to be perfect for them to be useful. Now that I've got that out of the way — When Trump questions the patriotism of reporters, it's like when China accused me, an ethnic Chinese, of hating Chinese people. It's a powerful, pernicious accusation.
As I say in my piece, there is real value to access journalism. It just doesn't all have to be access journalism. If editors treat DC gigs as rotations, like a foreign post, more journalists would be willing to burn bridges on their way out, and there will be glorious reports.
I was torn whether to write this. Does the world need another piece on the media? But when he said he wanted airtime and everyone was like "okay" I wondered where is the line? Would they broadcast a coup announcement because it's "newsworthy?" Like SRSLY. https://t.co/mTx9ioMNIF
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