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TUROPHILES: look at this gorgeous cheese plate from @GlensGardenMkt.

@GlensBeermonger is a friggin artist.
ALSO @USTreasury: deal lifts sanctions on DERIPASKA @UC_RUSAL's .
It's 22.5% owned by a firm tied to:
—Viktor Vekselberg: 🇷🇺 oligarch who attended TRUMP inauguration & drew MUELLER interest.
—Len Blavatnik: 🇺🇦-born US/UK citizen who gave $1M to inaugural. https://t.co/D0SqtnYSf1
The confidential document shows that the TRUMP admin. approved a deal allowing DERIPASKA to “divest” 21M shares of his main co. (EN+) to HIS OWN foundation (Volnoe Delo).
The fndtn + Deripaska + his ex-wife + her father will own 57% of EN+ under the dealhttps://t.co/D0SqtnYSf1.
NEW: The TRUMP admin. claimed it forced painful concessions from OLEG DERIPASKA to lift sanctions on his companies.

But a confidential document shows he & his allies will retain majority ownership, & he will settle huge debts likely at favorable rates. https://t.co/D0SqtnYSf1
TRUMP SOUGHT LIST OF ‘ENEMIES’ IN WH COMMS SHOP: That’s among the claims in a new book by a former staffer in that office, @Cliff_Sims, “Team of Vipers.” He also writes that JEFF SESSIONS suggested lie-detector tests to identifier leakers. @maggieNYT: https://t.co/z14ek4X0cm
There have been recent sports dynasties that were fun to watch (Jordan' @chicagobullss , Montana @49ers's , Gretzk @EdmontonOilersy's , Mag @Lakersic's , even St @warriorseph's ). @Patriots

The are not that.

They are joyless & soulless cheaters.
Ugh I hate the @Patriots
PINCHUK, in a statement from his press office, says he though @SkaddenArpst ' report on the prosecution & jailing of TYMOSHENKO was going to be independent, but also denies funding—or having anything to do with—it, leaving lots of questions about why SKADDEN concluded otherwise.
Adding intrigue: MUELLER has investigated a $150k donation that PINCHUK made to the TRUMP FOUNDATION in exchange for a TRUMP speech during the campaign. And Pinchuk has donated much more — $13M+ — to th @ClintonFdne since 2006. 4https://t.co/yD8pfgtIOm/4
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