After reading Adrian Chens amazing piece, how many these 'Sanders supporters' 'Trump Supporters' being run out that operation in Russia?
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Trumps metric is imbecilic. But part of the reduction in EOs over time is expanded bureaucracy now does much of what once required EOs.
When Trump started bromance with Xi to outsource North Korea problem, had no idea he'd invade Canada.
I'd add Jaroslav Hašek. But you can only put down four choices. Sad. Yeah. I know. what e v e r ....
Which absurdist novelist's posthumous, just-discovered novel are we now living in?
Canada, sorry. We'll try to get this worked out.
Think abt what this means>> GOP Congress Ignores Trump Threats, Proceeds With Deal To Avoid Shutdown http:// via @TPM
Oh NOES!!! >>> Even Rush Limbaugh Thinks Trump Is ‘Caving’ On Funding For His Border Wall http:// via @TPM
Feel the fail
Feel the fail
Trying to Make Sense of White House Argument About Refusing To Turn Over Flynn Documents >>> via @TPM
Spicer: "During his first 100 days the president's made 68 calls with 38 different world leaders."
Commerce Secretary on Canada: "They're generally a good neighbor. That doesn't mean they don't have to play by the rules."
Seems like Trump got bored with stand off with North Korea, shifting to Canada.
Watchdog Groups File Complaints Over State Dept. Mar-A-Lago Promotion http:// via @TPM
Ivanka Trump: I Don't Like The Word 'Accomplice' Because It Isn't 'Productive' via @TPM
Ivanka Trump Gets Chilly Reception For Touting Dad's Record At Women's Summit via @TPM
Report: Flynn Lobbied For Turkish Businessman With Business Ties To Russia via @TPM
Chaffetz, Cummings: Flynn Could’ve Broken Law By Accepting Foreign Payments via @TPM
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