After reading Adrian Chens amazing piece, how many these 'Sanders supporters' 'Trump Supporters' being run out that operation in Russia?
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McMaster seems like Mattis/Kelly, precise strengths/views unknown. But respected, deep organizational ability, not insane. Cld do much worse
So CPAC joins Berkeley and other institutions denying free speech to Milo yes?
Imagine you invite a respected racist hatemonger to address your conference and it just all goes wrong >> via @TPM
Excellent Work, Everyone >>> Milo Yiannopoulos Disinvited From CPAC Amid Resurfaced Pedophilia Comments via @TPM
my latest >>> Here's Something Else to Consider About Trump and Felix Sater via @TPM
We are all Swedes. Or Swedeners. Or whatever they call themselves.
For context on this story and this denial, remember, the guy in this video is Michael Cohen
Cohen Changes His Story Bigly. Now Says he Never Delivered 'Peace Plan' to White House, says that's 'fake news'
Senate just sent word to White House to preserve records tied to Russia ties. Wonder what happened to the envelope with the 'peace plan'?
It almost beggars belief how fucked up all of this is.
London Mayor: Trump Should Be Denied Visit Over Immigration Policy via @TPM
good times
good times
Looking to break big stories like this? Remember, TPM is hiring for three new investigative reporter positions >>
my latest >>> If You Want to Know More abt Felix Sater You Need to Read This. It's Mind-Boggling >>> via @TPM
Have a post coming on this shortly. Sater's ties to Trump, the feds, Russian arms smuggling and more r much more bizarre than I'd realized.
in late 90s era Russian arms smuggling world. Skating on major mob-linked securities fraud for his help.This ongoing while worked for Trump.
As much as I've been tracking Sater for going on a year, didn't realize scope of his apparent coop witness/informant role for FBI/CIA ...
Fun? Someone poke around to see if there are any court-ordered suppressed Google searches abt Bayrock execs.
The easiest marks are always the people who need money and the people who need love. So he was a twofer.
There's no end of fun in that first Times article abt Trump SoHo, which I discuss here>>
There's no end of fun in that first Times article abt Trump SoHo, which I discuss here>>
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