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NIESR & UK in a Changing Europe. Personal views only. New book (on capitalism!) here:

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Trade in services after Brexit: @uk_tpo explains implications of May's Brexit plan: This is why both our @UKandEU and UK govt's own analysis show large economic losses even with customs union & FTA.
There are numerous numerous economics papers whose title is some variation on "Can't Buy Me Love"
Yes he did. And we know empirically he was wrong. I teach this at some length. See also my Palgrave piece.
@robfordmancs There may be *tradeoffs* between FM of people and other objectives - I'm not claiming it overrides everything elese. But that doesn't mean that (if you claim to be progressive) you justify them by likening FM to slavery, or by arguing on principle for FM for capital not labour
Freedom (of movement) is not slavery; my response to @GloriaDePiero in @NewStatesman
Extension of Article 50 remains most likely short-term outcome; but incompetence & dogmatism mean No Deal still possible. Me on @CNBC
That by @Anna_Soubry is the best use of eyebrows in a TV interview I've ever seen!
Feta, surely? Halloumi is for grilling. What kind of an elite metropolitan liberal are you?
@mrjamesob Worth reading what happened after though.
@cjsnowdon @MrRBourneD @alistair_34o @J_amespn @peterjukes' @MilesKing10t @GeorgeMonbiot @PeterKGeoghegant @carolecadwallaw @MollyMEPe @zelo_streete @mrjamesobt @AndrewPurkis about this myself (my views are a bit nuanced) but can't help observing that if you're correct, then the BBC's claim that the payments and contractual arrangements are commercial in confidence is total BS and they are clearly in breach of FOI rules.. 😉

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The Sun has accepted that *every single calculation* here is wrong, & has deleted the article. Will & correct & apologise for spreading this obvious nonsense?
The Sun corrects - thoroughly and at length - its story on tariffs & the EU Customs Union
Astonishing. is talking nonsense here about (largely non-existent) EU tariffs on African agricultural produce. This myth has been repeatedly debunked, and there's no excuse for repeating it. The BBC should correct.
Tweet from @Jeremy_Hunt & the actual data. Shameless.
This is fake news, which the Sun will be retracting. All these "calculations" are wrong. Astonishing should promote it.
Astonishing from the Prime Minister who as Home Secretary fought at every turn to keep out "software developers from Delhi" (even to point of blocking EU trade deal with India)
Brits think immigration is good for the UK economy *and* culture. Astonishing turnaround in attitudes - for the better - over last five years. From the latest British Social Attitudes Survey.
Can @dominic_raab genuinely be that innumerate? This graph shows nothing of the sort. This would be a relatively easy GCSE maths question..
"So-called refugees" [Daily Mail on Jews arriving in Southampton, 1900]
The Sun admits its claim that the Working Time Directive "costs the average family £1,200 in lost pay" was pure fiction:
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