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  3. .@zaynmalik drops 'there you are' lyric video - check it out
.@zaynmalik Drops 'There You Are' Lyric Video - Check It out https://t.co/T4Yl7JZyv2
.@zaynmalik Drops 'There You Are' Lyric Video - Check It out https://t.co/T4Yl7JZyv2


"I got married and the first question in almost every interview is 'Babies? When are you having one?' I'm so angry that there's this social contract. You're married, now have a baby. Don't presume. I'll do what I’m going to do," says @MargotRobbie.
Turned away this week by @Giveblood_ie because of a country I was in recently.
First time I couldn't give blood - so bit disappointing.
There are a hell of a lot of reasons why you can't give blood, but don't let "not bothering to try" be one of them.
LOOK! Very foggy out there for some of you. We have the most comprehensive weather and traffic coverage with @AlConklin and @ChrisLarsonWBTV ... this is definitely one of those days you don’t want to miss what they have to say. @WBTV_News
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Those who think clubs are waning in Dublin should check out our thriving club night run by local DJs and attended by the nicest people in the city. Come dancing at @LumoClub this Saturday in @YamamoriTengu for our 40th edition. https://t.co/QrtciPXwPS
.@Fedez: ecco il video di “Holding out for you” con @zaralarsson! https://t.co/lJQoXGw4Oj
If you're a fan of @LittleMix @JorjaSmith and @george_ezra, listen up! They are all performing at this year's @brits 🙌 You could be there too, get your tickets now > https://t.co/vhUEPm0z5J
"It showed not just London has got talent, it’s all people, all places that you can come from and impact what’s going on..." Check out the interview with our #MTVPUSH: Ones To Watch nominees @YoungTandBugsey >>> https://t.co/g0pYKsza5I
Latin Superstars #AnuelAA and #KarolG are madly in love in their new music video #Secreto which has gone straight to #1 on the You Tube chart with nearly 12 million views in the last 24 hours!👏1⃣🎞️💑🔥😍 @Anuel_2bleA @KarolGmusic https://t.co/Z9JIYZzmfq
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