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#ICYMI Two-year-old girl surrenders to police during dad's arrest
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The US Senate will push forward with two votes this week to end the government shutdown. (@AP)
#ICYMI Impossible Challenge: Soldier encounters cobra while clearing minefield in southern China
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Wildlife of China: The clouded leopard https://t.co/zTEOHzmL3z
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#ICYMI Excessive water pumping causes unusual land subsidence
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#ICYMI A dentist has been traveling the globe to work with animal rescue organizations to help treat some of the world's most dangerous mammals, handling along the way the "monstrous" teeth of lions, tigers, bears and leopards, for almost 16 years
#ICYMI Tens of thousands of koi fish "jump" in high-speed tunnel
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#ICYMI Russian man films mesmerizing walk across world's deepest frozen lake
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#ChinaToday in case you missed it:
- Li Keqiang encourages Chinese enterprises to invest in Cambodia https://t.co/RYItkIMZw6
- China urges U.S. to drop Huawei CFO extradition https://t.co/wOkdqWo65c
- China enforces global treaty for marine ecosystem https://t.co/fXCr4jYSr2
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Miniature of three little pigs, each about 0.03 inch long and tall, is created by Taiwanese artist ahead of the Chinese New Year of the Pig #SpringFestival2019. The handicraft is dwarfed by the pencil tip underneath
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