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See Mayhem sink into bloody, church-burning madness in new 'Lords of Chaos' trailer https://t.co/ErMpKcTMTw
Happy Birthday to @Korn​'s @JDEVIL33 who is, in his own words, a "mixture of Jim Morrison, fucking Robert Smith and Rakim" https://t.co/oXLOPUGEYZ
REVOLVER Magazine is partnering with @typeonegative to announce a new line of merch, celebrating some of their most iconic designs throughout their storied career https://t.co/V2gtz5INUe
.@RobZombie offers a correction, assures all "It's getting there and it is fucking awesome." https://t.co/qRUvNe6vz5
Lorna Doom's cause of death has been determined https://t.co/Ptl647odWQ
See some of the best moments from last night's "I Am The Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell" https://t.co/xH1u2X0oLv
Hear @ExhumedOfficial, @CarcassBand members go classic metal on Pounder's "Long Time No Love" https://t.co/xR9hKE0sxP
Watch Fiona Apple's spellbinding Temple of the Dog cover at Chris Cornell tribute https://t.co/ZsZbKHGQAS
The science behind playing heavy metal at stubborn body fat seems extremely solid, not sure why this commercial mocks it https://t.co/PCxSzb8SoZ
.@MotleyCrue was formed on this day in 1981. Find out what @Korn's @JDavisOfficial' favorite Crüe cut is https://t.co/Y0oe4Mv8yG
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