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Reason has won somewhere in the world, May wins
▶ HDFC Bank launches accelerator engagement programme - Inventiva: HDFC Bank launches accelerator engagement programme  Inventiva HDFC Bank will partner leading startup accelerators across the world and get access to cutting-edge technologies and… https://t.co/kNfpZUuCp1 GOOGLE
Autonomous Security Robots Could Change the World - https://t.co/CIYRhARqYN
$TWMC - Trans World Entertainment Corp. (TWMC) CEO Michael Feurer on Q3 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript https://t.co/5gl8qw2leX
These are the hottest gifts of 2018 https://t.co/nnS7LfMQhy
3-4pm CT Dec 12, 2018 #mmsm Twitter Chats - @MorieGertz Discusses #Hyperviscosity #wmsm
T1 What causes hyperviscosity?
T2 When do I need to suspect the diagnosis?
T2 How is a diagnosis made?
T4 How is this treated, how often, how long?
cc @MyelomaTeacher @MMSMChats @NorthTxMSG
At age 68, this albatross is the world's oldest known wild bird — and she just laid another egg
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#ECB update: There will be the final decision on ending QE and details on reinvestment policy, but the focus will be on the new macroeconomic projections (lower growth forecast for 2018/19). Expect a more dovish tone in the course of 2019.
Chris Blasi is the founder of Neptune Global and has over 25 years of experience in the world of investing and precious metals. Listen to this interview between Chris and SchifGold's Managing Editor Mike Maharrey. https://t.co/iXc2z9kFbS
BDO’s Global Revenue Hit $9 Billion Mark in 2018: We could have been dicks and not rounded $8.99 billion up to $9 billion, but we decided to be nice. From BDO worldwide headquarters in Brussels on Dec. 11: BDO, one of the world’s… https://t.co/nB91ll0xfG via @goingconcern
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