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Rather than reflexively opposing China’s international initiatives, Washington should join and shape them from within, as China did with the World Bank.
Now some anonymous UK companies are under the spotlight in the ongoing investigation into the world’s biggest money-laundering scandal roiling Danske Bank https://t.co/f2pWxq8YLr
15 of the 17 candidates President Trump endorsed in open Republican primaries for the House, Senate or governorships won their races in 2018. https://t.co/JRnH2qNdX9
Moodys Investors Service - Moodys: No rating impact on FP Turbo Trust 2007-1 (Australia) following amendment: Moody's Investors Service says that the execution of FP Turbo Trust 2007-1 (Australia)'s 2019 Extension Amendment Deed on 20 September 2018 (the… https://t.co/oytGMQ6rvu
Phocuswright Women's Leadership Initiative: https://t.co/QARD08Rdz4

At the 2018 Phocuswright Conference: November 13-15, 2018, Los Angeles, California
The kids’ new get-rich scheme is to train the dogs to play Fortnite and create the most popular Twitch channel in the world.
Thank you, New Zealand PM @jacindaardern, for bringing your baby girl along to the @UN General Assembly this week. Having little Neve in the room is a humbling reminder that the world's leaders must act not for ourselves, but for the future of our children and our planet. #UNGA
$DXY When The U.N laughs or mocks any U.S. President it's Time for them to go look at their Parents and or Grandparents Black and White Photo Albums. It may jog their sense of History of how America both saved and rebuilt The World.
35 minutes
President Trump was thrown by being laughed at during his speech at the UN Assembly, says @pbump.

Our question for the segment is this: Do you agree that the world takes advantage of the US?

Call #AOTL 844-745-8255 to let us know your thoughts on aid.
China is the world leader in drones. US drone makers want to change that. https://t.co/VBTL1Et5Kr
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