It's hot. I don't blame him.
It's hot. I don't blame him.
Latest Scoops
When the pizza man is at the door!
After a long week I'm like...
How is "because she'll make you Bagel Bites" not on this list???
Clever girl!
We're surprised Floyd Mayweather isn't in this list.
When you see your waiter walking out with your food...
Thank you, internet.
Sometimes it's all you need...
Asking the internet to roast you is like throwing your self esteem into a wood chipper.
Badum ching!
RT to save the world from dumb MF
C''s for charity.
This will make your Thursday better...
Like a deer caught in boob shaped headlights.
Do I regret it?


Would I do it again?

Two types of dudes
Never Tinder without being armed with a good comeback.
lol perfect!
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