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4 months
It's hot. I don't blame him.
It's hot. I don't blame him.
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This guy knows how to party.
6 hours
Classic origin story
7 hours
I need a relationship like this.
9 hours
Consider your day made.
10 hours
Really hauling ass there.
12 hours
Come on, Obama, Geez...
12 hours
Fart when people hug you. It makes them feel stronger.
14 hours
If Halloween through New Years isn’t your favorite time of the year, we have a problem.
15 hours
When your food is taking too damn long!
16 hours
Shane has reach 'Epic Urban Legend' status
17 hours
Reasons I love Fall...
17 hours
A few funny (and current) ideas for you lazy-ass dudes who wait until the last s
18 hours
Just helping the children...
19 hours
CAN'T GET OUT OF BED! SEND HELP! or bacon... just send bacon.
1 day
How females mark their territory.
1 day
Washing the dishes. Level: College