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4 months
It's hot. I don't blame him.
It's hot. I don't blame him.
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10 hours
We have all been this drunk at least once...
16 hours
There are 3 different forms of curiosity...
16 hours
Post-apocalyptic Dad Jokes - The BEST kind of Dad joke
18 hours
What I've learned from cooking shows...
19 hours
Thank God I didn't have Facebook around when I was a kid.
20 hours
Every. Single. Morning.
20 hours
"All of this stuff is like ingredients for poop"
21 hours
HURRY! Actual Fantasy Football Skillz= ACTUAL CASH TODAY! $10 to play, 1st=$5000
22 hours
Well, you've convinced me!
23 hours
When you find a random onion ring in your French fries...
1 day
Who needs subtlety when you have Tinder.
1 day
Whatever they are, I'm cool with'em.