It's hot. I don't blame him.
It's hot. I don't blame him.
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When you try to show off but it backfires....
Good luck un-thinking this.
I whisper "what the fuck" to myself at least 20 times a day. #TRUTH
"Butt machine" is probably a more accurate name.
If you tell someone that you’re hungover and they say “you shouldn’t drink so much” then you no longer need that person in your life.
when u argue with bae...
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For any of you who need to spice things up in the bedroom...
Marriage changes everything.
Siblings know the struggle.
What was life like without mirrors and iPhones?
This is how workplace violence starts...
Thank you, Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
Why I hate getting out of bed in the morning...
Every Monday when the alarm clock goes off
You be the judge, some are pretty gross...
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