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4 months
It's hot. I don't blame him.
It's hot. I don't blame him.
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9 hours
Racist Mario Kart is hilarious
9 hours
If you listen closely
10 hours
Is that a bare ass or bad fashion? Harder than you think.
11 hours
Never, ever ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless you see an actual baby being born. Even then, act surprised.
13 hours
The thigh gap. You either love it or hate it!
13 hours
In my defense your honor, he said prolly.
14 hours
Our #FantasyFootball League is SUNDAY! $10 to play, 1st = $5000! Tons of CASH PRIZES!
15 hours
Aaaahahaha, she does look like Bill Cosby!!
15 hours
Ways to tell a woman is mad at you:
1. She is silent.
2. She is yelling.
3. She acts different.
4. She acts the same.
5. She kills you.
16 hours
Rock, Paper, Scissors...blow job?
17 hours
Here’s a joke about ebola, you probably won’t get it though.
18 hours
Watch out, sexting can backfire!
19 hours
Kayden Kross ad doesn't mess around
20 hours
My kind of flu shots.
20 hours
This guy should let us know if leading with "I gotta small penis" is working for him