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I know some entrepreneurs wanting Britain to remain in Europe do business abroad but Singapore's hardly a vote of confidence in Britain by one of the few Brexit business evangelists https://t.co/KcdYdwudpe
Fair few British towns and cities are a little safer today with Far Right extremists on a day trip to London. Not so the capital https://t.co/RTp3ZrL9QU
No wonder Brexit's a mess when until recently this charmer was a key negotiator https://t.co/ORdeLTGYL3
Hearing that John Bercow will no longer chair a key House of Commons Commission meeting into bullying, the Speaker wisely stepping aside for an independent member tomorrow
Real Britain: “Anjem Choudary shunned by imams who say he's not welcome at scores of mosques” https://t.co/3EYglSPdwZ
Put down the phone and move away from the keypad
Good luck to the Glasgow equal pay strikers https://t.co/0DStIoNtdh
How the Government's using whiplash to cheat injured workers. From today's @DailyMirror column
Con Brextremist MPs forever claiming they're close to the 48 letters required to topple May remind me of the boy who cried wolf but in the end that boy was eaten by the said wolf
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