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Gollum should sue, comparison with May defamatory by undermining the slimy cave dweller’s good reputation https://t.co/cZUhBxn8B3
Censure motion(not confidence) motion in May for pulling the vote would be dangerous for her if the DUP back it
Cabinet won’t be happy May’s dumped them, a PM who can’t win votes in Westminster fleeing to Holland & Germany. We will discuss the crisis on in @GMBa mo. No cancellation here
Labour calling no confidence vote in the Government could backfire, uniting Tory MPs around May. Corbyn likely to lose without support of a DUP wanting Brexit and the PM changed, not the Cons
Instantly not believing Theresa May saves time
May ruling out a people's vote might best be taken as confirmation she'll back another referendum after pulling the Brexit vote that was going ahead and calling the General Election she was against
MPs voting to continue debating Brexit after Commons Speaker John Bercow invited them to defy May would be entirely fitting. What a farce
Corbyn in Brief: Tory Brexit shambolic, May should make way for me to be PM
Theresa May in Brief: Nothing has changed
Theresa May confirming she pulled the Brexit vote because she'd lose also confirms this is about personal and Tory political interests, not the national interest
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