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at least 60 ice seals found dead along west alaska coast
At least 60 ice #seals found #dead along west #Alaska coast
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The Hill
sen bernie sanders we have a president of the united states who is a racist who is a bigot i think back to geo
Sen. Bernie Sanders: "We have a president of the United States who is a racist, who is a bigot... I think back to George W. Bush, and I disagreed with Bush on almost everything. Can anyone imagine a conservative president like Bush bringing forth these racist comments?"
Chris Hayes
the gaslighting is always so exhausting we all know what the president did and who he is everyone on all sides
The gaslighting is always so exhausting. We all know what the President did and who he is. Everyone. On all sides. We all get it. Just a question of whether you find it acceptable or not.
The Washington Post
ted lieu i have served in the air force and in congress people still tell me to go back to china
Ted Lieu: I have served in the Air Force and in Congress. People still tell me to "go back" to China.
NBC News
just in rep cleaver who had been presiding over the house chamber declares i abandon the chair and drops gavel
JUST IN: Rep. Cleaver, who had been presiding over the House chamber, declares "I abandon the chair” and drops gavel on the dais as House members await ruling on if Speaker Pelosi's comments on the president's tweets will be taken down.
Chad Pergram
things have gotten really weird on the hse flr rep emanuel cleaver d mo was presiding over the house and then
Things have gotten really weird on the Hse flr. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) was presiding over the House. And then he told the House he was trying to make a fair ruling aboubt Pelosi but people weren’t cooperating. So Cleaver then just said “I abandon the chair” and LEFT!
Chris Hayes
what the
What the....

Jennifer Rubin
because its a racist party unredeemable unworthy of rescue
Because it’s a racist party. Unredeemable. Unworthy of rescue.
Reuters Top News
just in aclu others file suit challenging trump administration s new rule to bar most migrants from seeking as
JUST IN: ACLU, others file suit challenging Trump administration's new rule to bar most migrants from seeking asylum at southern border
NBC News
reporter are you going to revise your remarks on the president s tweets speaker pelosi no i m not at all no no
Reporter: Are you going to revise your remarks on the president's tweets?

Speaker Pelosi: "No, I'm not at all. No, not at all. I'm proud to bring attention to them. "

ABC News
@ABC 2 hours
new rep alexandria ocasio cortez to if gop lawmakers go on the record condoning the president telling women of
NEW: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to @ABC: If GOP lawmakers "go on the record condoning the president telling women of color to go back to their own country, I invite them to, because we will win the 2020 election."
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