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Latest Scoops

Though a culinary collective, Bronx-based Ghetto Gastro has been making its mark on the fashion industry since its launch.

Now, it has joined forces with New York-based label Awake NY for a capsule collection of graphic t-shirts and jackets:
.@Versace just brought another iconic 90s super back to the runway:
In honour of the 20th anniversary of @OfficialTLC’s FanMail, here are some lessons about self-care and self-worth that the album has taught us:
Just three days after Karl Lagerfeld’s death, Galerie Gmurzynska has managed to compile over 20 years of the designer’s work into a retrospective-style exhibition, which opened yesterday in Zurich:
“The government want to scare young people to prevent them from reacting. But we must participate in stopping inequality and unfairness in the world.”

Bangkok’s youth has found its voice in an anti-dictatorship arts movement:
Launching during Black History Month with a campaign shot by Joshua Woods, Culinary collective Ghetto Gastro team up with Awake NY on a collection that celebrates the unification of black communities:
Happy birthday to Twin Peaks daddy @Kyle_MacLachlan 🌹
“What motivates us is the possibility to bring together thoughts and voices who will impact the art discourse for future generations.”

@TabloidArtHist’s zine faces off with stiff, stale art world hierarchy:
Following hot on the heels of the new-season @Prada show comes @ITSJEREMYSCOTT’s latest @Moschino presentation, which was, as they say, a production.

Here’s everything you need to know:
COMING THRU: We premiere @Shavone’s new music video for ‘SITH’.

Watch here:

The Most Relevant

Meet BTS, the K-Pop phenomenon breaking world records:
2016 is the year BTS conquered K-Pop (and topped our run-down of the best K-Pop tracks of the year):
How boy group BTS defied the odds to break K-Pop’s borders:
How @BTS_twt’s androgynous, fluid style is empowering teens worldwide:
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K-pop group have had a #1 album in the US and some of the best choreography in the game, so why weren’t they nominated at the ?
Jimin from @BTS_twt has released his first solo track ‘Promise’, which you can listen to here:
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