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Latest Scoops

Ousted Nissan boss' daughter takes documents, cash from apartment https://t.co/29nP3cpTiG
New Facebook bug exposed photos of up to 6.8 million users https://t.co/KbVw4XkZda
Two Rwandan soldiers and rebels killed in clashes, says president https://t.co/MJybhxJU4Z
Giles replaces Strauss as England's new director of cricket https://t.co/I540xCeeH5
Canada says it has been granted consular access to man detained by China https://t.co/upKhgWGM4P
Premier League condemns discrimination and asks fans to show respect https://t.co/c4fkpMF1Rk
Nigeria accuses UNICEF staff of spying for Islamist militants, halts activities https://t.co/E4UVrDFedK
Priest heads to Rome after serving sentence for child abuse in Chile https://t.co/pXT4Y0VCup
Doctors struggle to help older gun owners https://t.co/FYGXGtze5E
Scientists create bee vaccine to fight off 'insect apocalypse' https://t.co/ZXfMBwFhdt
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