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BBC News Asia
this k pop star is done with hate about her flat chest you do you amber liu
This K-pop star is DONE with hate about her 'flat chest':

You do you, Amber Liu!
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India Today
breaking fugitive businessman niravmodi arrested in london
Fugitive businessman #NiravModi arrested in London
Laura Kuenssberg
ouch minister on pms decision to ask only for short delay weak weak weak substantially increases the risk of n
Ouch - Minister on PM’s decision to ask only for short delay - ‘Weak, weak, weak. Substantially increases the risk of no deal. Her most craven surrender to the hardliners yet. She knows this is the wrong choice for the country but she’s putting her short term interests first.’
the pm says he wants the truth well here are some facts responds to the pm correction the first report was in
"The PM says he wants the truth. Well, here are some facts." - @hamishNews responds to the PM. #TheProjectTV

*Correction: The first report was in 2011, the Shadow Cabinet meeting was in 2010.
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@TIME 1 hour
here s a first glimpse of the new bts dolls from mattel
Here's a first glimpse of the new BTS dolls from Mattel
sources ed to sell nirav modi s assets niravarrested
Sources: ED to sell Nirav Modi's assets | #NiravArrested
CNN International
hundreds of hotel guests in south korea were secretly filmed and live streamed online cameras were hidden insi
Hundreds of hotel guests in South Korea were secretly filmed and live-streamed online. Cameras were hidden inside digital TV boxes, wall sockets and hairdryer holders, police say.
@ANI_news 2 hours
sources defence ministry clears major project for the indian army for acquisition of 10 lakh made in india mul
Sources: Defence Ministry clears major project for the Indian Army for acquisition of 10 lakh 'made in India' multi mode hand grenades. The new hand grenades will replace the existing inventory.
Omar Abdullah
its amusing to see the bjp falling over itself to credit the pm with the nirav modi arrest while completely ig
It’s amusing to see the BJP falling over itself to credit the PM with the Nirav Modi arrest while completely ignoring the fact that it was The Telegraph of London & it’s correspondent who found Nirav Modi, not the PM & his agencies.
CNN International
these are the 10 happiest countries in the world internationaldayofhappiness
These are the 10 happiest countries in the world: #InternationalDayOfHappiness
Joe Scarborough
my latestgt 100 years from now obamas presidency will be hailed as the most transformative of our lifetimes an
My Latest—> “100 years from now, Obama’s presidency will be hailed as the most transformative of our lifetimes, and Donald Trump’s will be viewed with the same scorn that followed the Dred Scott decision. Trump will be remembered as a racial reprobate.”
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