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(One’s a euphemism and one’s a crime)
@BrandyLJensen put it this way: this is so much a real crime that the president's choice for attorney general wrote, that if a president did this, it would be a crime
I guess we know why Giuliani walked the collusion goalposts back a few thousand miles
If the story is correct, Trump told everyone Russia was innocent of a cyber attack on the opposition party while pursuing financial gain in Moscow, lied about it, and then personally directed his attorney to lie about it too. That’s not just collusion. That is conspiracy.
This is obstruction of justice, full stop. https://t.co/i6Ip4D8D7E
The thing that’s tough is that...he’s the sweetest cat. He just took Benne in immediately, despite his inability to horse around with him. Just feels like he doesn’t deserve this. But that’s life.
A brief update. The good news: Butters is unbelievably healthy. He’s almost 17 and in great shape. The bad news: The treatment hasn’t really affected Burns’ cancer. We don’t know how much time he has left but we’ll do our best to keep him happy until that’s no longer possible.
writers are a jealous bunch but if you loudly complain about other people's scoops on your beat every time ... people are gonna notice
Beto's post-graduation like ennui has drawn @niaCNN's attention https://t.co/C3ftu6UUKC
@cjane87 @DavidAFrench Religious organizations are allowed to exclude people based on their beliefs and other people are allowed to say that’s morally wrong. Tolerance is in both things coexisting, not in the former being immune from criticism.
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