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Latest Scoops

Uncle Butters has a bit of a sweet tooth for kitten food but it’s ok because nephew Benedict doesn’t mind sharing
I like stretch clothing because I like food https://t.co/5j9LQVEex0
We have real world evidence for what GOP elected officials prioritize and this is up there with single payer health care
All that anti-crony capitalism stuff is for when Republicans are in opposition. For the past two years, while they were in power, they just decided to let the president line his pockets with taxpayer money and emoluments
We had a two year experiment in unified Republican governance that was entirely indifferent to, if not encouraging of, corporate welfare so it’s a bit weird to act now as if this is an area for ripe for bipartisan agreement
Y’all asked for a pic so
Update: He's asleep
I don’t know how to tell Benedict this is not the best hiding spot....
So much of our politics involves people furious about poor people supposedly getting free goodies, and relatively little about fabulously wealthy people getting free goodies
read @DKThomp on the farce of local governments shelling out billions in taxpayer cash to lure already immensely wealthy companies to their area https://t.co/GtrhILctwg
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