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This Thursday we're launching #iamaphysicist day, and we want to see photos of physicists in action!
Happy #IamaPhysicist Day! We are lots of STEM folks researching the fundamental nature of matter and energy!
We want to know what you do as a physicist, and see a photo of you in action! Tweet them today with #iamaphysicist
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We've had an amazing #iamaphysicist day so far, so many fantastic photos have been shared already! Keep them coming!
Don't forget to share photos of you and your team in action! #iamaphysicist
IBM physicist @HeikeRiel is an expert in semiconducting nanowires for future nanoelectronics #iamaphysicist
Thursday is #iamaphysicist day, so get your photos ready to share online to show what you do as a physicist
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IBM physicist Dr. Fabian Menges invented a thermometer for the nanoscale #iamaphysicist
Today is the day! Tweet photos using the hashtag #iamaphysicist and tag @physicsnews so we can share them too
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