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My tribute to the children of Gaza - by @jonsnowC4 #c4news
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At 1030am the Govt has already refused to put a minister up on #C4News tonight #GrenfellTower
#c4news This London #Gaza protest pic greeted by joyous disbelief here. "It'll embarrass Arab countries" one man said
The Palestinian flag projected onto the Houses of Parliament last night, by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign #C4news
Tonight on #c4news one of the topics Theresa May doesn't want this election to be about : the NHS. No Health Minister available
Here's the full unedited 11 minutes of Michael Fallon on #C4News tonight on terror threat, Libya, Boris Johnson, etc
Will David Cameron intervene in the case of Saudi boy Ali Mohammed al-Nimr? #C4News
The four boys killed on #Gaza beach were between 8 and 10. They were cousins and had been playing football. #c4news
I challenge PM's top adviser Nick Timothy as secret emails show his role in S Thanet #electionexpenses #c4news
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.@KreptandKonan respond to the row between @YungenPlayDirty and @OfficialChip. Full interview on #c4news
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