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Nico Rosberg
boom win europegp race f1 teamnr6 mercedesamgf1
#BOOM #WIN #EuropeGP #RACE #F1 #TeamNR6 @MercedesAMGF1
Michael Moore
1 mass shooting day in us police killed 1134 americans in 2015 1 2 of them minorities 123 police tragically ki
1 mass shooting/day in US. Police killed 1,134 Americans in 2015, 1/2 of them minorities. 123 police tragically killed. #guns #madness #race
Nico Rosberg
race mexicogp f1 teamnr6 mercedesamgf1 by steve etherington
#RACE #MexicoGP #F1 #TeamNR6 @MercedesAMGF1 📸 by Steve Etherington
Dr. Marty Fox
the democrat front group known as the msm chooses the race that fits the narrative 2a tcot pjnet
The #Democrat Front Group

Known As The #MSM

Chooses The #Race That Fits The Narrative

Bill Maher
a message to white america racism race amp liberals
A Message to White America: #Racism #Race & #Liberals
Dr. Marty Fox
milwaukee police officer who shot an armed black man was black so it must be about race
#Milwaukee #Police Officer Who Shot An ARMED Black Man WAS BLACK

So It Must Be About #Race
Dr. Marty Fox
the left will never give up the race card researcher claims racial bias in 6 month old babies babies are bigot
The #Left Will NEVER Give Up The #Race Card

Researcher Claims Racial Bias In 6 Month Old Babies

Babies Are Bigots
Nico Rosberg
race usgp f1 teamnr6 mercedesamgf1 by steve etherington
#RACE #USGP #F1 #TeamNR6 @MercedesAMGF1 📸 by Steve Etherington
Romain Grosjean
monacogp race p8 good points for us very proud f1 r8g haasf1team
#MonacoGP #Race P8 🇲🇨 🙌🙌 Good points for us! Very proud 👊👊👊
#F1 #R8G @HaasF1Team
twofour54 Abu Dhabi
the official movie poster for race3 has been released by beingsalmankhan let the race begin
The official movie poster for #Race3 has been released by @BeingsalmanKhan. Let the #race begin!
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