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Abhijit Majumder
never call 1984 a riot it was a pogrom a massacre a genocide 3000 sikhs slaughtered by congress mobs in delhi
Never call 1984 a riot. It was a pogrom, a massacre, a genocide. 3,000 Sikhs slaughtered by Congress mobs in Delhi, several thousands more across 40 cities.
One the other side, there was just one all-important death: Indira Gandhi.
#1984SikhGenocide #SajjanKumar #SajjanConvicted
@BJP4India 11 months
when emergency was proclaimed on 25th june 1975 by indira gandhi led congress government what were the immedia
When ‘emergency’ was proclaimed on 25th June 1975 by Indira Gandhi led Congress government, what were the immediate casualties? #CongressKilledDemocracy
Sudhir Chaudhary
making nsitharaman india s defence minister is a very refreshing moveindira gandhi was india s 1st woman defen
Making @nsitharaman India's defence minister is a very refreshing move.Indira Gandhi was India's 1st woman defence minister.Congratulations!
INC India
indira gandhi was asked whether india will switch left or right she said it will stand straight amp tall rahul
Indira Gandhi was asked whether India will switch 'Left or Right'. She said it will stand straight & tall: Rahul Gandhi #RGinUS
Kiran Bedi
it was a rare privilege being with mrs indira gandhi i was very fond of her she too was very proud of my havin
It was a rare privilege being with
Mrs Indira Gandhi.
I was very fond of her.
She too was very proud of my having joined the IPS.
She used invite me to her functions and introduce me as India's first woman in the officer ranks of IPS..
This pic is of Jan 1975 at her residence.
Dr. Harsh Vardhan
jawaharlal nehru sgotra was dattatreya because he was brahminhis sons would have inherited hisgotra indira jic
Jawaharlal Nehru'sGotra was 'Dattatreya' because he was Brahmin.His sons would have inherited hisGotra. Indira Jican't transfer her father's Gotra to her son.ThusRajivGandhi being son of a Parsi (Feroz Gandhi)can't have Dattatreya Gotra.Let present his true identity
@ANI_news 1 year
to me india is indira gandhimaybe some people won t like it but she was indiawhile i was growing up she repres
To me India is Indira Gandhi.Maybe some people won't like it but she was India,while I was growing up she represented India for me:J&K CM
INC India
pv narasimha rao officially inaugurated vidyasagar setu in 1992 while it was indira gandhi who laid the founda
P.V Narasimha Rao officially inaugurated Vidyasagar Setu in 1992, while it was Indira Gandhi who laid the foundation stone on May 20, 1972.
@ndtv 5 months
indira gandhi s bank nationalisation was a fraud says pm modi
Indira Gandhi's bank nationalisation was a "fraud", says PM Modi
Yogendra Yadav
remembering is not just to recall that our democracy was subverted by indira gandhi it s to understand that de
Remembering #Emergency is not just to recall that our democracy WAS subverted by Indira Gandhi

It's to understand that democracy CAN be subverted by insecure leaders, obedient officers, pliant judges and malleable media

It's to note that democracy IS being subverted right now.
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