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there is power in our footsteps and the streets will ring with it long after we are gone nyc youth poet laurea
‘There is power in our footsteps. And the streets will ring with it long after we are gone.’ — NYC Youth Poet Laureate William Lohier’s poem on gun violence is a must-see #NoRA
The New York Times
she was a young teacher when she sent a sample of her writing to englands poet laureate his response literatur
She was a young teacher when she sent a sample of her writing to England’s poet laureate. His response? "Literature cannot be the business of a woman’s life, and it ought not to be."

At the age of 31, she published "Jane Eyre."
pulitzer prizewinning poet laureate of hip hop has made history with his music lisa robinson takes an intimate
Pulitzer Prize–winningpoet laureate of hip-hop” has made history with his music. Lisa Robinson takes an intimate look at what drives Compton’s favorite son in V.F.’s August cover story:
Channel 4
@Channel4 4 months
introducing the new poet laureate gillinghamjoe catscountdown jimmycarr kathbum
Introducing the new Poet Laureate, @gillinghamjoe. #CatsCountdown @jimmycarr @Kathbum
Caroline Lucas
honoured to meet former poet laureate andrew motion who is voting green he says the climate emergency is the o
Honoured to meet former poet laureate Andrew Motion, who is voting Green.

He says:

“The climate emergency is the overwhelmingly important issue of our time, & ⁦⁦@TheGreenParty⁩ is only party ready to take the necessary action. Not just for ourselves, but for our children”
The Guardian
simon armitage named uk s poet laureate
Simon Armitage named UK's poet laureate
The Nobel Prize
chilean poet gabriela mistral born in 1889 was south america s first nobel laureate the daughter of a teacher
Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral, born #OTD in 1889, was South America's first Nobel Laureate. The daughter of a teacher and poet, she became a teacher herself until her poetry became known.

Have you read any of Mistral's poems?
Ron Charles
breaking our new us poet laureate tracy k smith signs in for duty at the library of congress poetry
BREAKING: Our new US Poet Laureate, Tracy K. Smith, signs in for duty at the Library of Congress. #poetry
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