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Rockstar Games
opening soon a luxury casino in the heart of vinewood
Opening soon: A luxury casino in the heart of Vinewood...
Donald J. Trump
republicans shouldnt vote for hr 312 a special interest casino bill backed by elizabeth pocahontas warren it i
Republicans shouldn’t vote for H.R. 312, a special interest casino Bill, backed by Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren. It is unfair and doesn’t treat Native Americans equally!
Alex Isenstadt
breaking gop accepted 400k in donations from disgraced las vegas casino mogul steve wynn last month per 2 part
BREAKING: GOP accepted $400k in donations from disgraced Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn last month, per 2 party officials

@CNN 2 months
there s a mean streak that runs through donald trump s heart says jack o donnell former president and coo of t
"There's a mean streak that runs through Donald Trump's heart," says Jack O'Donnell, former President and COO of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. "There is a piece of this that is almost sociopathic, that he likes to hurt people. ... It's who he is."
Richard Blumenthal
investigation must continue of zinkes illicit effort to sabotage ct tribal casino project possible criminal cu
Investigation must continue of Zinke’s illicit effort to sabotage CT tribal casino project. Possible criminal culpability must be pursued even after he leaves office.
Maggie Haberman
chris wallace winning wallace what are the odds one in a hundred what what trump i dont do odds i gave very de
Chris Wallace, winning:
WALLACE: What are the odds? One in a hundred? What--What?
TRUMP: I don’t do odds, I gave very detailed--
WALLACE: You ran a casino sir.
Peter Baker
telling the truth about trump was dangerous to your career how a failing businessman pressured forbes magazine
“Telling the truth about Trump was dangerous to your career”: How a failing businessman pressured Forbes magazine, the Wall Street Journal, casino analysts, accountants and TV broadcasters to spread a myth of success. @JournalistJG
Maggie Haberman
in april of 1981 when he was considering building a new jersey casino he expressed concern about his reputatio
"In April of 1981, when he was considering building a New Jersey casino, he expressed concern about his reputation in a meeting with the FBI, according to an FBI document in my possession..."
Stephanie Ruhle
tells the govt shutdown is a good thing he speaks from experience trump casino shutdown trump steaks shutdown
. tells the govt shutdown is a good thing. He speaks from experience.
Trump Casino- shutdown
Trump Steaks- shutdown
Trump University- shutdown
Trump Airline- shutdown
Trump Magazine- shutdown
Trump Vodka- shutdown
Trump Mortgage- shutdown
Hillary Clinton
a small business owner sold donald trump pianos for his atlantic city casino trump stiffed him for the payment
A small business owner sold Donald Trump pianos for his Atlantic City casino.

Trump stiffed him for the payment.
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