Is the US Treasury starting to buy CNH

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Asia Pacific currencies hold their ground despite Chinese industrial production data miss. AUD/USD continues to show support, testing the 0.69 handle. USD/JPY spike upside tracking 108 #China  #AUDUSD  #EURUSD  CP

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Italy’s establishment enjoys unexpected return to political power

Loonie leads the charge ahead of European markets open

Hmm, to be honest I think that whether we go to war with China is entirely up to China.

Good morning from #Germany , which imports very little #oil  from Saudi Arabia, but still suffers from higher oil prices b/c it consumes 2.3mln barrels/ day. Most of Germany's oil comes from #Russia , which imports 33 million barrels/ year. #Norway  is 2nd most important oil source.

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Malware attacks will soon be able to endanger life and property

Is your cover letter boring? Here’s the 1 thing you need to spice it up, according to an HR manager

Next Trump tariffs may soon hit Europe’s luxury goods

Biden, Warren clash on healthcare in early minutes of Democratic 2020 debate #politics 

The #oil  disruption has displaced for now what otherwise would be dominating the financial news: this week's #Fed  meeting. Disruption makes things a little easier in the immediate for #Chair  Powell by reducing opposition to any cut.But it complicates longer-term policy challenges