Broke China Repo Rate Soars / Overnight

Something Just Broke In China As Repo Rate Soars To 1,000% Overnight

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Broke China Repo Rate Soars / Overnight

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In 2016 there were an estimated 2.4m eviction cases filed in America. Nearly 900,000 were completed

What we’re learning from all these 2020 polls -->

Former Overstock CEO Claims FBI Told Him to Pursue 'Romantic Relationship' with Russian Agent Maria Butina

hey guys @jeremydeller 's (marxist and futurist) history of house slash electronic music (told to an audience of kids in a classroom live no less) is one of the most brilliant things ever. just awesome. check it (on the beeb)

“How do I invest?” Make money doing what matters most to you. Invest in what you believe in most. Keep doing that.

Euro sellers are looking for a spark to reignite momentum as prices struggle to sustain downside follow-through after retesting monthly floor.Get your $EURUSD #techncalanalysis  from @IlyaSpivak  here:

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In the days after news of President Trump’s interest in purchasing Greenland emerged, the idea was derided. Now, one Republican senator has declared that he not only agrees—but he already pitched the idea to Denmark.

Press Council Intervenes in SC Petition to Back Media Restrictions in J&K. Apparently the members of the council were not consulted. We live in freaking weird world already; more weird than George Orwell could imagine.

Spider-Man may not appear in any more of Disney's Marvel movies, but he’ll still be front and center in new theme-park attractions

I love American discourse. It's totally OK with casually killing very large numbers of people in the most inhumane ways possible