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Spanish CPI Jun 0.0% Y/Y, Last -0.1%
German Saxony CPI Jun 1.7% Y/Y, Last 1.6%
Ransomware Still Only Makes Up Small Share Of Growing Malware Threat https://t.co/RBlE5T0CDj
"It Is The Presstitutes, Not Russia, Who Interfered In The US Presidential Election" https://t.co/77O4mqqDUc
"Perfect Pours Every Time" America's First "Robot Bar" Opens In Vegas https://t.co/vKbm806y0M
Researchers Discover That Social Media Can Be Used To Predict Riots, Revolutions, And Even The Weather https://t.co/NoffJUXg8Z
Scientists Fear "Supervolcano" Eruption As Earthquake Swarm Near Yellowstone Soars To 800 https://t.co/B1TUmQIJP4
The Federal Reserve Is A Saboteur - And The "Experts" Are Oblivious https://t.co/l64Kkbf6Nu
"Fake Research": Seattle Mayor Knew Critical Min. Wage Study Was Coming, So He Called Berkeley 'Economists' https://t.co/o0885xTmgC
"Central Bankers Aren't As Clever (And We're Not As Dumb) As They Believe" https://t.co/BRawMem0dX
Rolls Royce Now Sells More Of Its Cars To "New Money" Tech Millionaires https://t.co/9QCXmn8RnA
Is America Really Coming Apart? (Spoiler Alert, Yes!) https://t.co/drAvb6KmKj
FBI Director McCabe Subject Of Three Separate Federal Inquiries Into Alleged Misconduct: Report https://t.co/YPieetFH3Q
The Power Grid Is Far More Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks Than Most People Realize https://t.co/PTDnw4u4zM
Moody's Warns That Private-Label Credit Card Issuers Will Be Crushed By Retail Implosion https://t.co/4kOqW2jrlM
Demolishing The Myths Behind The War On Cash https://t.co/WMxifL6yuj
CNN Proclaims Trump's War On Media "Is Physically Endangering Reporters" https://t.co/QSCOsvxa5X
Top Canadian Court Permits Worldwide Internet Censorship https://t.co/9rIb2U5NnB
SCOTUS Travel Ban Decision Summarized In 1 Cartoon https://t.co/u6GEaeVBEq
Lacy Hunt: The Fed Has Undermined The Economy's Ability To Grow https://t.co/nUlxlBTzbl
Japan Tax Revenue in Fiscal 2016 Was Less Than FY2015: Kyodo. Aside from that, all is well
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