Yanis Varoufakis

Julian is in custody for breaching bail conditions imposed over a warrant that was... rescinded. Anyone else would be fined & released. Except that JA's persecution is all about challenging our right to know about the crimes governments commit in our name.

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This day in 1951, Jawaharlal Nehru presented the First Five-Year Plan to the Parliament. Effective implementation of the Plan led to India registering 3.6% GDP growth per year, in the early yrs of independence, outperforming even the Plan’s target of 2.1% of GDP growth per year.

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"Young Black voters say they aren't enthusiastic about a Joe Biden presidency." (via @USATODAY )

"Facebook removes Roger Stone accounts linked to 'inauthentic behavior.'" (via @USATODAY )

Dazzling comet will make closest approach to Earth in July — here’s how to watch